Saturday, February 18, 2012

Honest Random Thoughts

It's Saturday afternoon. Our children our napping and broccoli soup is simmering on the stove. You might say to yourself, "Gee, it's like her children are always napping." Well, let me get that story me, they aren't always napping. I just don't like to blog when they're awake. My blog posts would most likely be a bunch of interrupted sentences and it's not fair to them anyway. 

This morning my husband went to his men's bible study. It's the perfect way for him to start his Saturday but, I still felt a touch of jealousy. He was out of the house and he even got to take a shower before he left. I was here. Changing diapers, cleaning pancakes of the highchair tray, dreaming of a shower, folding laundry, you know how it goes. Do you ever struggle with that? Even though you know they are doing the right thing, it's still hard to not feel slightly resentful?
A few days ago, I stopped nursing Paisley. It was time but, it's still been hard on me emotionally. I know this is a pretty personal thing to talk about but, I know other mommies out there can relate so, I'm going for it. For literally almost 4 years, I've been either pregnant or nursing, without a day in between. To be just "ME" again is super weird. Don't get me wrong, it's good but, it's also strange. The "lasts" with our kids are bitter sweet. They are sad because they are signs of the inevitable....that our babies grow up. But, they are also sweet because as my babies get older, I've realized how much fun it is to see them grow and change. Oh, how proud I get of the most silly things that they can do! So, I've shed some tears these week over this "last" with Paisley. It's just how it goes!
My last random thought is about something much less serious. Chalk board paint. Oh baby! I bought some for the first time yesterday and I'm already compiling a mental list of the things I hope to create. So, be prepared to see some chalkboard paint on this here, ol' blog in the near future. 

Thanks for sticking around and reading my random thoughts. I hope you can relate to some of these feelings. Happy Saturday!


  1. I totally understand. At the baby shower, I felt so different because it really hit me that there are no more babies being born into our immediate family. I felt sad but also good that I could still appreciate babies and celebrate them with other people. But it's hard when you don't get to be the mommy of the baby anymore!

  2. Awe i know exactly how you feel, on every paragraph. I too had a hard time stopping nursing and to this day i sometimes wish he was small enough to have that time again with him. I too have a tough time finding the right time to blog without interruption and without compromising my time with my little guys. Blogging is such great way to unwind...

    I also wanted to let you know - i have a baby blog - and im hosting a giveaway for a free $20 GC to a cute little quilt shop on etsy. Come take a look if you want for the details on my blog :)


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