Sunday, February 5, 2012

Little Unexpected Blessings

Today was full of a lot of note-able moments, although I did the opposite of what a good blogger would do....I took very few pictures. I actually didn't even pull my camera out until this evening, during bedtime, when I realized that I hadn't taken my picture for Project 365{+1} yet. 

It was another beautiful sunny day. The first signs of spring were all around, including birds singing and the sound of the neighbors mowing their grass. I took the kids outside and Judah rode his trike around while I pushed Paisley in the stroller. After he got tired of riding his little bike, I pulled them both up and down the street in the big wagon. He loves holding her tight on his lap for a wagon ride and I totally missed the cute photo opportunity of them riding along together. At one point, Paisley got tired and laid flat down in the wagon, in the dirt on her tummy. I love that my kids aren't afraid of dirt. 

We celebrated the beautiful day with our first picnic in the backyard. I'm a huge fan of bringing simple snacks outside, letting the crumbs fall and calling that "our picnic lunch". It's a win-win situation for all of us. The kids are happy because they're eating outside, I'm happy because I don't have to clean the kitchen and truthfully, I really like eating outside as well. I hope we do that a lot this summer. 

For a long time, I've missed holding Judah when he's sleeping. I honestly didn't know if I'd ever hold him again when he was asleep or if he'd ever fall asleep in my arms again and that thought was so sad. Today something really sweet happened. After his story, I laid on his bed with him for a minute and he fell asleep with his cheek on my hand and his arm around my back. It was the most precious moment and exactly what we needed. I closed my eyes with him for a few minutes and then got up to do a few things while the kids napped. 

I feel like God gives us moms little moments like those that remind us how amazing being a mother is. Judah and I have had a long week. I've felt like he's constantly doing pretty much the opposite of what I ask him and getting him in trouble all the time has worn me down. Just when I feel like I'm about to burst, Jesus gives me a small blessing, like dozing off with my boy, and it snaps me back into the reality of how wonderful being a mom is. 

Keep your eyes open for those small blessings. Usually, they are unexpected and exactly what we need.

I feel like I can't write a post without a picture so, here's one of Paisley dancing with a broom the other day. The girl's got dancing skills!

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  1. I just love this picture of dancing with the broom. It is so joyful! Yes, I think you mentioned an important principle here.. when we keep looking for the surprise blessings we find them, and we always have hope.
    Thank you


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