Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Super Easy Burlap Wreath

To me, it seems like over the last year or so, burlap has suddenly started to really become fairly popular. My personal take on burlap is that you really love it or you really don't care for it. Personally, I'm definitely on the really love it end. Wanna get me a present? Get me some burlap. It's like Austin Powers saying "Get in my belly!" but, I'm saying "Get in my hands!" 

Anyway, when I recently ran into Michael's to pick up a picture frame, I came across this roll of burlap. It's very affordable, especially with one of their Sunday newspaper coupons. Right next to the burlap was a brown, wood wreath, perfectly placed in the store, to make me feel like I have to take them both home with me. Take them home with me is exactly what I did and then they had to sit for a few days while I finished some other projects I had going. See, I have this thing where I don't want to start another project  until the last one is finished. I think I'm afraid of my home becoming a house full of un-finished projects.

I've seen burlap wreaths on Pinterest but, I truly didn't copy anyone's idea for this one. Not sure if that's a good thing or not because there are some awesome ideas out there. During the night, I woke up to pee and thought about my wreath for just a second. The idea of using my husbands staple gun to attatch the burlap came to mind. I mentally jotted the idea down and then asked to borrow his staple gun the next day. The staple gun worked amazing! This craft was so, so, so, super fast with the staple gun. Of course, I love using a glue gun but, I think the staple gun was definitely the right tool for this job. 

To make one of these wreaths, all you need is a roll of burlap, wood wreath shape and a staple gun. 
Note: A regular stapler won't work for this. You need the power behind a staple gun....just had to mention it before anyone tries with a regular old stapler. 
 First, wrap the burlap all the way around your wreath, stapling it at the beginning and end to secure it.
Cut the burlap after it's wrapped all the way around and secure it with just a few staples.
 After the wreath is covered with the burlap, start twisting and bunching your burlap around the wreath, stapling as you go. Really, there isn't a "right" way to do this. Well, that's my opinion at least. You've probably heard the saying "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." That applies to this. Just have fun, bunch, gather and staple.
 I folded my burlap as I went so, the rough edges weren't exposed.
 Staple. It's that easy.

 After I was done bunching, scrunching and stapling around the wreath, I stapled a second layer of burlap around the outside of the wreath, just to make it a bit more chunky.
 All done!

 When my Grandma passed away, I inherited her piano. Recently I framed some pictures of Judah playing her piano and now this wreath sits on her piano with some other special things that remind me of her.

 My Grandma always said "who, who, who loves you????" and owls were our thing. I think she would like to see this owl sitting on her piano!


  1. That's really cute! I love the idea of using a staple gun. Glue guns don't work so well for me..

  2. I really like that! I've been trying to decide what kind of wreath I want to replace my Christmas one on my front door. I bought a grapevine wreath at the Dollar Store and I can not decide what I want to cover it in!

    Another blogger I follow is going to make burlap curtains. :)

    1. The wreath options for a front door are endless! I saw one recently made from small sticks of driftwood and I want to make one of those! I'm sure you'll make the perfect one for your door!

  3. This is beautiful. When I began to read...was not so very "impressed" with the it progressed, it became a gorgeous wreath. The arrangement on Grandma Dotti's piano is perfect. She would really LOVE it. In one of her favorite homes,she had a wall that was covered in burlap and hanging bullet lamps in her very cool kitchen that were covered with burlap also! ( I love the owl sitting in the wreath* )

    1. Love your honesty mom! I'm glad you think Grandma would like how her piano is decorated. Love you!

  4. So super cute. You are so crafty! And I mean that in the nicest way :)

  5. I really love the texture. It turned out so cute.

  6. Wow, Angela, that really DOES look super easy. And the finished product is lovely! Thanks so much for sharing such a great tutorial at Shine on Fridays!

  7. I'm in the "loves burlap" category for sure!! And, this is so perfect!! You could use this for just about every season/holiday by adding a bow, trinket, sign, etc. Love versatility!! Thanks so much for linking up!!

  8. Thanks for the tutorial! Great for me as I have all the necessary materials at home. Over from Tater Tots & Jellow.

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Totally on the burlap bandwagon myself!!

  10. Super cute! Thanks so much for sharing! Pinning this! Would love to have you link up to my {wow me} wednesday party going on right now over on my blog. :)

    Ginger @

  11. Cute, Angela! I love the look of burlap wreaths; one of these days I'll get around to trying one! Thanks for entering One Crafty Contest; good luck!!

  12. Great tutorial and so cute! Good luck in the contest! I am already a follower!

    Robin @


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