Monday, February 13, 2012

Project 365{+1} Week 6

Today has been a busy day for us and I'm writing this post in a bit of a hurry although, it does feel great to be taking a moment to pause and get caught up on Project 365{+1}. Last week I kept up with taking a picture each day but, I wasn't very intentional or creative about some of the shots I got. I'm already convinced that this coming week's pictures will be better. I think I might go with a theme for my photos and hopefully that'll give me some fresh inspiration. 

Tuesday (Day 038)-Judah enjoyed painting a picture on a canvas for Daddy. He also enjoyed painting his hands. 
 Wednesday (Day 039)-We had a nice morning over at my sister's. Baby #3 is beginning to show!
 Thursday (Day 040)-Judah helped me bake some pumpkin bread. Yes, those are TEETH marks on the butter. No, they are not mine. 
 Friday (Day 041)-I enjoyed a few moments outside during nap time. I took a few pictures of the bulbs that we planted, that will soon be blooming. When we bought this house, there wasn't a single flower planted on our property. Slowly, we are adding plants and that makes it feel more like home. 
 Saturday (Day 042)- I was thankful for my husband, and the way he not only puts up with my random ideas but, he also (usually) goes along with them and helps me create the ideas in my head. Thanks husband, for putting up with my random adventures! 
 Sunday (Day 043)-I love what Paisley wore to church. It's not the best picture of her but, I'm totally loving her outfit. Bright colors are fun
 Today (Monday, Day 044)-Judah had his 3 year old Doctor appointment. I was incredibly proud of his bravery. Afterwards, we celebrated by going to Jamba Juice together. My boy loves a good smoothie and I love the special time that we had together.  
Naptime Momtog


  1. My girls had a dress just like P's. Your photo made me smile with nostalgia. Can't believe my big girls used to be that size and can't believe that P is getting so big :)

    1. I think I bought her dress at the consignment sale. I bet it was your girls?!

  2. love the green hand, and the baby sweet.

  3. love the hand! reminds me of what josie did for her final project for photo 110 at everett community college. she had her kids paint each other. it's on the header of her old blog:

  4. Great shots. I really love that first one and the last two. Wonderful shots.

  5. So nice and fun to read a new post...isnt it wonderful that Spring is life...of course not as exciting as your sister's!!


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