Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project 365{+1} Week 7

To mix it up a little but, I decided to go with a theme for Project 365{+1} this week. I decided to try and incorporate some sort of "sign" into each picture. It was easy and fun. I did well with using a sign for each day except Saturday. It was raining really hard and I desperately wanted a picture of Paisley in her rain jacket, with an umbrella. I didn't try hard to incorporate a sign into that picture. Having a theme for the week really helped me not get into a rut. I think I'll continue to pick a theme for each week, as long as it's fun, and not a chore.
I wanted to share this picture even though it wasn't one of my "pictures for the day. This picture shows what it really looks like when you're trying to get a good picture with your kids. Well, my kids at least. It's funny...I see mom's post these amazing photo shoots that they've done of their kids and I wonder if it was all smiles and sunshine or if they a few of "those moments" as well. Anyway, this is what it really looks like when I'm trying to get a good picture of my kids. We press Valentines into each other's heads. I try to keep babies from falling out of wagons, we smile, we cry. You know, it's just real life. 

Saturday it was raining super hard. I put Paisley in her rain jacket, gave her an umbrella and sent her outside. The umbrella was too big for her to hold so, we held it together.
The "sign" in this picture is the sticker that sits on the clock in Paisley's room, on her changing table. When I'm changing her and she's fussing, seeing this sticker helps lift my mood. Yes, that may sound strange but, it works!

Yesterday was President's Day and rumor has it, that you're supposed to plant your peas on President's Day. Well, to the Country Store we went and then planted our peas is what we did! Judah is a great garden helper! Seriously, being outside with him and planting the peas was the best part of my day. It was tempting to not take 100 pictures of his sweet little dirt covered hands holding seeds. My hands were also covered in dirt and I didn't want to get my camera too messy so, I was able to resist.
For next week, I'm planning on using a theme again, possibly "yellow". Yellow is happy, sunny and bright and with all the rain and cloudy weather we've been having, I could use a little of that! I might try and use a little yellow in each picture. We'll see!

Naptime Momtog


  1. this is another wonderful posting..I love how you added the song with Paisley and the umbrella...great to see your rows with pea seeds...Judah looka truely amazing in his fireman get up and the hands of Dad and J racing was so great...thanks for sharing. (and the picture of J putting the paper on P's head is my favorite!)

  2. Last year I planted my peas too late and seriously regretted it. Thanks for the reminder...seeing your package of my favorite Territorial peas makes my mouth water for spring!

  3. Really great photos. Love your pea shots.


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