Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chalkboard Painted Flower Pots

Happy March!
I don't know about you but, I am excited that it's March! This is going to be a fun month for our family. My sister finds out the gender of her baby at the end of this month and I'm so excited to know what she's having. It's also a month full of Birthdays for our family and the first day of spring is this month. This month, I also hope to plant more veggies in our garden. Right now we have garlic, peas, two types of lettuce and spinach planted. The garlic has been thriving all winter and almost 2 weeks ago, Judah and I planted the peas. I just stepped out to take a peek at them and I saw tiny little sprouts. So exciting! 

Today I want to share one of my more recent projects with you. A couple of weeks ago, I bought my first can of chalkboard paint. Oh, I was so excited!!! Chalkboard paint is actually pretty inexpensive. I bought a 30oz container from Home Depot and it was only around $11 for the can. Chalkboard paint also goes a really long ways so, this can will last me for awhile.

Opening up this chalkboard paint and getting started on my first project was exciting. I know, I'm such a dork but, these things excite me so, whateva! I have a few old flower pots, that I've used year after year. When I say old, I mean old. These babies belonged to my Grandma who went to heaven when she was 84. Well, they aren't 84 years old but, they are old and not very attractive. I decided to paint a good sized rim of chalkboard paint around the top of the old flower pot. This way, I can write little, happy signs like "Welcome" and "Happy Spring". Heck, I'm going to write whatever I want on these flower pots. I might even write "Don't you dare wear your shoes in my house".....just kidding!!!

Anyway, here's what you do:
Bring your old (or new) flower pot into the house. Chalkboard paint can pretty much be painted onto any surface so, I think a plastic flower pot would work just as well. I put my flower pot on newspaper, on my dining room table. 
 Wrap tape around the flower pot. This way, you can paint all the way down to the tape and even paint onto the tape. When the paint is dry, you just pull the tape off and you have a nice straight line. I'm not the kind of crafter that paints perfectly straight lines. I need the tape to help me!
 I used a foam brush to paint on the chalkboard paint. The foam brush was less than a dollar at Home Depot and if you rinse it well after your project, it'll last for a long time. 
The first coat of chalkboard paint dried and then I painted on a second coat, the next day.

So, what about you, are you excited for spring? If one of my projects or recipes inspire you, please let me know. I would love to create a page to feature the things that YOU'VE made! 
Happy March!
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  1. Love it! Adorable. I have been thinking about chalkboard paint for a long time. Thought about doing a wall in one of the kids rooms...

    Love your pots!

  2. Thanks Cami! You should totally paint an area for your kids to be able to use chalk. My only concern would be that my kids wouldn't be able to keep their chalk art, in the "designated" area. Yours are older though and most likely have enough self control. You could even get 3 huge frames, and turn the inside of the frames, into a chalkboard, and then mount them side by side. So fun!

  3. What a great gift Idea!!! Visiting from Frugal Girls linky party.

  4. Hi Angela~

    Found your blog via {frugal girls}, you are so crafty!! I am happy to be a new follower {&} would like to invite you to link to my {new neighbor on the blog} link bash. The link is open until Firday at midnight {cst}.


    Drop by & Visit {The Tattered Tag}

  5. I also like this month very much!! your pots are so clever, cute and cheerful!
    Great job and thanks for sharing this inspirational idea

  6. These are so cute! I'm a new follower--if you have a minute, please stop by my brand new blog. I'd love to have you follow me back :)

  7. Stopping by from the Weekend Wrap UP Party!!!

  8. What a cute idea! Please stop over and share at Mix it up Monday:

    I hope to see you soon:)

  9. I so love this project! Simple but it makes such a big difference in the look of the pot! I just got some chalkboard paint last month; maybe I'll use some of it for this! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays!

  10. I love chalkboard paint! These turned out awesome!

    I am yor newest follower. I would love for you to stop by my craft blog and follow me back. I look forward to more of your posts! :)


  11. SO cute!! I just love chalkboard paint!!

  12. Very cute! I haven't done anything with chalkboard paint, but I'm dying to. :-) This is going to go on my list of things to try!


  13. Great idea! We are just about to start our indoor herbs for this year, so maybe once we transplant them we'll label them this way. :-)

  14. My first link party/give-away is going on now through Saturday. If you haven't stopped by yet, I hope you'll come share this!

  15. Absolutely adorable Angela!! What a great Spring project :)

  16. Very cute idea! I love chalkboard paint!


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