Friday, March 2, 2012

Our Friday in a Nutshell

 Today has been a fun and busy day for us. This weekend, I'm throwing a baby shower for a friend so, today I'm busy cooking up some treats for the shower. This morning, the kids and I hung around the house while I made some peach pie pockets for the shower (the A is for her baby-to-be's name).

A little later in the morning, we headed to McDonald's for a playdate with our MOPS group. To be honest, we've never gone and played at McDonald's before. I guess Judah hasn't been old enough for very long so, we just haven't done that yet. It ended up being a really fun time though! Lots of ladies and kids showed up and the kids had a great time playing. Judah tends to be on the shy side so, I told him that he could go play and that I'd watch him and wave at him as he was playing. It totally blessed me to see him playing and then see him look at me and we'd wave at each other. Paisley enjoyed her fries and then she wanted to get down! down! down! That's when the chase began. The girl is 16 months but, she thinks she's like 8. She wants to keep up with the big kids and I'm worried about her getting trampled. So, it was a little challenging keeping track of her and also keeping track of Judah. Sometimes I wish I was one of those super laid back moms that could just sit and sip her coffee while her children are out running like crazy. But, that's not me so, it was busy and just slightly overwhelming for me to keep track of them. The funny thing is that at this point, there's really no light at the end of the tunnel. Just when they're old enough to be more independent, we'll most likely have another one for me to try and keep track of. So it goes! 

After I got them down for their naps, I started the Rolo Cookies for the baby shower. I found this recipe on Chef in Traning  and they really do look like a little piece of heaven. A little over two weeks ago, I gave up sugar....of course not forever but, for quite awhile. Well, let me tell you.....these cookies have been the biggest, most chocolaty, chewy, best smelling temptation yet. I literally texted my sister while making them "it's terribly hard to not eat sugar when making rollo cookies but, I won't!! Tell me I'm doing a well. Help! :)" Yes, that was my text, word for word. She wrote me back but, not for like a half hour. I ended up not eating them but, it was hard. Like, really hard. 

For the rest of the day, I have more baby shower preparations to do, a check book to balance and other normal life stuff to take care of. It's almost the weekend, hooray! Happy Friday! 


  1. One of the sweetest times is when your kids look back at you for assurance as they are out there playing!!! Those goodies look yummy...good for you for not eating any wow!!

  2. When my kids were the ages of yours I kept an eye on them every second. I still try to, even though they are older. Something can happen in a split second, especially in public. You never have to apologize about not being more laid back. Trust your mommy-instinct ALWAYS! :)

    Those goodies look SO yummy. I'm really hoping that I make it to the shower, even if it's late :) I sent my stuff with my mom, just in case our day goes slightly wacky.

    1. Cami, I sure HOPE you can be there today!!!! I want you there!

  3. Those cookies look amazing!! I can't believe you were able to NOT eat one of those cookies!! I'm ready to eat one now just by looking at the picture! Ha!! The little pies are cute and look yummy too!!

    I know what you mean about no light at the end of the tunnel on these kids. We'd like to have 2 more so I'll probably be chasing toddlers around for a few years to come too!

    That's great that your MOPs group gets together for outings. So far my MOPs group just meets once a month to talk & eat at church while the kids are in the church nursery. It's nice... but doesn't seem quite the same as the outings with your group. :)

    1. You should plan something for your group! Are you split into different tables at your MOPS? If so, you should plan a get together!
      Maybe have some ladies over to your new house! That would be an incentive to get all un-packed. :)


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