Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Project 365{+1} Week 10

Over the last couple of months, I've gotten into the routine of posting our Project 365{+1} photos on Mondays. This week, it just couldn't happen. It's been a fun and busy start to the week and editing and blogging my photos had to be put off for a little while. Now that I'm finally getting around to it, it feels good!

This morning we had plans to go MOPS but, it snowed just a touch last night so, MOPS was cancelled, due to the school districts 2 hour delay. I'm not sure if I'll ever get used to the way that parts of the Pacific Northwest almost shut down when a few flakes fly. We decided to make the most of our morning at home and we had a few friends. I love the way a few ladies and their kids can gather and in no time, the house is buzzing with activity. Judah and Paisley loved having their buddies over and I loved visiting with the moms. Every mom needs other moms to vent with, laugh with, and just live life with. 

The pictures I took this week are simply pictures that each have some sort of special meaning to me. For me, there is no theme this week and I'm alright with that. It feels good to look for those special moments and then snap away, with the hope that I'll get a shot that I'm happy with. 

Day 066: I watched the sunset over a field of snow geese with the kids. It was truly beautiful. 
Day 067: Random brother and sister hug.
 Day 068: Judah and I built a train track together and drove trains around the track. 
Day 069: Judah's fascination with bugs was sparked by the lady bug in the windowsill. 
Day 070: Judah used a broom handle as a microphone. 
Day 071: First family dinner in a week was celebrated with Pistachio Pudding Pies.
Day 072: Paisley poked her pretty face through the frame that I just finished distressing for her room. 

This morning I posted a giveaway for a Seventh Generation Green Home prize pack. If you haven't already entered, Go! Enter! Seventh Generation is an amazing company and I'm honored that I get to do this huge giveaway for them! 

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  1. Such gorgeous shots. Love them. That first one is awesome.

  2. love the pic of Paisley! Her eyes are so gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! I know I'm her mom but, she really amazes me when I look at her sometimes. I'm like "wow...you are pretty!" I'm sure you understand because Cade is exceptionally cute!


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