Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Project 365{+1} Week 12

This afternoon, I finally got around to going over my pictures from last week. With Martha Stewart in the background (on the TV- not in person, unfortunately), a big jar of water next to me and a couple squares of 85% Dark Chocolate, I was finally able to go through all the photos. 
Day 080: Jeremiah started building the play set for the kids. 
Day 081: The sunshine came out and the building continued.
 Day 082: Family came over to help us build. The swings got put on and we had fun swinging together.
 Day 083: The sunshine continued and we played outside some more! Hello, Ms. Blue Eyes!
 Day 084: I love the way her hair blows in the wind.
 Day 085: I love my hard working man.
 Day 086: A few pictures were snapped during our adventure to the library.
After I went through these photos, I picked out my Top Five Favorites from the first quarter of this year. It was hard to choose but, I *think* that these are my favorites.

Paisley loves to read and I love the way this picture shows her personality.
 I chose this pictures as one of my Top 5 Favorites because it's just.....cute. Really cute.
 When I took this photo, I remember how much fun Judah was having posing for the camera. It's a sweet memory.
 This picture is one of my Top 5's because it shows what life it like these days. No posing, or editing. It's just our life......and I like it.
It was hard to choose this last picture. I love this photo because for one, black and white suits it perfectly and secondly, it was super fun driving trains with Judah. Again, it was a sweet memory and that's what I'm trying to capture, with this Project 365{+1}


  1. What a great set with so many sweet shots. Love it.

  2. Your sons name is Judah? My sons name is Judah too! :)

    Newest follower of your blog!
    Check out my blog and follow back if you'd like!

    1. So fun that we both have Judah's! It's truly an awesome name, I'm so glad we chose it!

  3. Love your photos - but my fave has to be the library shot. We are nutty for our local library (I'm so nutty I blog about it) and feel so happy when I find a fellow library friend! ;)

    xoxo michele

    1. Michele,
      We do love the library. One of the best things about it is that my 3 year old is the one who has started to remind me that his books need to be returned and that he needs to pick some new ones. Totally blesses me to see how much he loves it!

  4. Whew! Come build a swing set at MY house! My kiddos would think they had died and gone to heaven! What a good Dad :)


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