Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Wreath with Burlap and Felt Flowers

If you're on Pinterest, there's no doubt that you've most likely seen a spring wreath or two floating around. I've seen them too and last night, I decided that I wanted to make my own. I went with materials that I already had on hand and kept it relatively simple. 
Here's what I did:
First, I used the largest bowl I own to cut a circle out of cardboard. I traced another smaller circle inside of that, and then cut that one out. 
 I wrapped burlap around my wreath shape, securing it with a touch of hot glue at either end. 
 To make flowers out of felt, I cut out 5 circles, using a drinking glass for the circle pattern.
 Hold the circle in your hand and then fold it in half.
 Fold it in half again.
 Glue the circle that's folded into quarters down onto one of the other circles. Next, glue down the other 3, the same way. So, for each felt flower, you'll need 5 circles, one for the base and then 4 to be hot glued on. 

 To make the middle of the flower, cut a long, narrow piece of felt.
Roll and twist it together, until it looks just right to you. Use hot glue to keep it together.

 For the leaves, I did nothing fancy. Basically, I just cut out a leaf shape, free hand. 
 Here's the finished wreath. I'm not like in love with it but, I like it. I grabbed the wreath hook from our Christmas box in the garage and then covered it with yellow ribbon to give it more of a spring feel. The chalkboard sign was made with an old piece of a fence board, that I painted with chalkboard paint. 

 Happy Spring!!! Now, hopefully it'll start to look like spring outside. My toes have been literally cold while I typed up this post.

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  1. I do love your spring wreath...for its simplicity, fun and yummy colors...chocolate, lemon yellow and lime green...perfect for waaarm weather coming up soon.

  2. I'm dropping by as the guest judge on The CSI Project this week. I think this turned out great. I love that you used plain old cardboard to make your wreath. Those wreaths can be pricey at the craft store and that is a great way to save money. Great job!

    1. Thank you Erin! I'm all about trying to use whatever I have on hand. Thanks for guest judging at The CSI project.

  3. Cute wreath! I love the chalkboard! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays!


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