Sunday, March 11, 2012

This Weekend....

•This weekend I feel like I've been humbled again and again.
•This weekend, I left a store for the first time because my child wouldn't stop throwing a fit.
•This weekend, I felt more "human" than ever.
•This weekend, the sun inspired me to take the kids outside for a walk. It ended up being one of the coldest walks that we've ever taken but, I'm still glad we did it.
•This weekend, I found myself in Michael's getting Judah a simple bug collector kit and feeling very excited.
•This weekend, I'm enjoying the simplicity of fresh picked daffodils, paired with fresh rosemary.
•This weekend, I'm looking forward to watching "The Bachelor" with my sister and a friend tomorrow night.
•This weekend, I should have gone to church but, we all slept in way too late with the daylight savings change.
•This weekend I watched a hilarious movie with my husband. "Just Go with it" was so funny!
•This weekend, I was incredibly thankful for how my 3 year old always tells me that he's "so glad he's my mommy".
•This weekend, I've been reminded how sweet it is that Paisley always wants a hug. "Hug! Hug!", she says.
•This weekend, I've felt like I need to chill out a little and stop expecting such perfection of myself and others.
•This weekend, I got a free quart of paint at Ace. Oh, Boy! I've got plans for that paint.
•This weekend, I watched Judah use a broom handle for a microphone and sing his little heart out.
•This weekend, hasn't really been easy but, I sure have a lot of blessings to be thankful for.

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