Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thoughts from the Dental Chair

For about a year now, I've had a couple of old fillings that needed to be replaced. Finally, I got my rear in gear and made the appointment. After I dropped J&P off at my sister's, I enjoyed the silence in the car. I listened to the radio and said a little prayer for Judah (and for my sister) because Judah had a hard time when I dropped him off. The dental chair felt unusually comfortable as I sank down into it but, my mind quickly started thinking about the shots I was about to get. I actually went to school to be a dental assistant so, I'm definitely not one of those people who's afraid of the dentist. I'm actually slightly the opposite, as I think teeth are fascinating. But the whole shots of Novocaine thing started to get me a bit nervous. What if I jump? What if I flinch really bad and the needle goes straight into my jaw bone? What if the Dentist's hand starts to spasm?

Just as the needle started going into the gum line (like it's supposed to), I heard Casting Crowns "I'll Praise you in this Storm", come on over the Dental office's sound system. Instantly I felt totally blessed to not only be sitting there, in a comfy chair but, to also have a few moments where I could hear myself think and listen to worship music. Over the next 90 minutes, some of my most favorite worship songs played. I thought about what I can do to be a better mommy for J&P and also what I can do to be a better wife. I prayed. I almost fell asleep but, the whole "keep your mouth open" and the drill shaking my head kept me from dozing off.

After they were done, I told the dental assistant that I thought it was so cool that they played that music. I was like "Seriously, I worked through contractions while listening to Casting Crowns. It's nice to hear that same music in a dental office."

Me and my puffy face...........

So......what do you think about while you're in the dental chair? If you're a busy mom like me, maybe you should make yourself an appointment, even if it's not been quite six months.



  1. I'm glad you could enjoy your visit. I'm completely needle-phobic so I generally try to go with out and white-knuckle it throughout the procedure. If that is not possible then I'm trying not to pass out over the whole needle experience!

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