Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Crumbs Under My Stove

This morning we stayed home from MOPS. Staying home when I know my friends are all having fun is something that I never enjoy doing but, I knew it needed to be done. Judah wasn't feeling a 100%, he looked tired and my mommy instinct told me to stay put.

We had a pretty good morning together. The kids watched a movie, we played outside and did a few other things. Before you we knew it, lunch time was here. As I came into the kitchen to fix lunch, Judah said "I need someone to play tractors with me. I need a Mommy to play with me." It melted my heart and made me ache all at the same time. I wanted to make lunch but, there was no way that I could say "no" to him. They way he said "I need a Mommy to play with me", tugged at me.

I got down on the floor and we drove. We drove around the rug that sits in front of the sink and made some "deliveries". After just a moment, my eyes were drawn to underneath our stove. Apparently, we have never cleaned under there. Actually, I'm not sure that anyone has ever cleaned under there. Never. Ever. 
 I wanted to stop playing tractors right that second and not only finish our lunch but, also clean under that filthy stove. Instead, I drove on and around and around we went. Then I noticed all the crumbs on the carpet in front of the sink. Didn't I just shake that out, like this morning?
 So, here's my point........
Somewhere in my rather short journey of motherhood, getting things "done" has started to feel more important and more rewarding than playing with my kids. This is not good. All my life when I was dreaming of being a mommy, I wasn't dreaming about having the floor underneath my stove clean or the rug in front of the sink, completely crumb-free. I know in my heart that when my kids are grown, those things won't be the things that mattered. The moments where we drove tractors around together will matter the most. Even though I know what really matters, this is an ongoing struggle that I have.
I'm going to play tractors more, even if that means writing it on my "To-Do" list and if you know me in real life, please don't be surprised if I have crumbs underneath my stove.



  1. Your fridge may well have crumbs under it (or, heaven forbid, dust bunnies!), but your son will know in his deepest heart that his Mommy loved him. And you will both cherish the memories of playing with tractors on your kitchen floor. It's a good Mommy choice - and something you can be very proud of!

    My favorite memories of my Mom and I when I was little have NOTHING to do with her clean house, but everything to do with the time she spent WITH me. I would imagine that your memories are quite similar.

    - Liz

    1. Hi Liz,
      I completely agree with you! Nothing replaces quality time!

  2. "All my life when I was dreaming of being a mommy, I wasn't dreaming about having the floor underneath my stove clean or the rug in front of the sink, completely crumb-free."

    I could not have said that better! I tend to get into Getting Things Done mode and put off reading to and playing with my girls. Thank you for this great reminder!


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