Wednesday, April 4, 2012

An Exceptional Day

Ever have one of those days that stands out as much better than the rest? Today was one of those for us. Don't get me wrong and think that it was all perfect. Of course we had our share of time outs and other normal life but, over all, it was an exceptional day.

Here's what was different about today:
Way  less internet time.  Last night, I decided that I'd like to try to not be on the computer at all while the kids are awake. This is a big deal for me because I check my facebook, various blogs, email and Pinterest throughout the day. Even though I don't just sit there on the computer, I feel like having my laptop open leaves me feeling distracted and like it almost makes my brain fuzzy. This morning I got up early, read my devotion for the day and then checked my email, facebook and did my bloggy stuff before the kids were awake. Then, I closed the computer and we had a great morning together. After they were down for quiet time, I was able to type up a blog post that I'd committed to. Honestly, I love blogging and all the social media options that are at my fingertips but, it was amazing to see what I was able to accomplish when I put limits on it.

•We went to our first preschool story time at the library........and it was great. When Judah was a baby, we went to the "Mommy and Me" story times at the library. That was fun but, today was different. He was so much more independent. Watching Judah sit on a little carpet square with all the other preschoolers, made me nearly burst with pride. He did so well listening to the stories and they also had little activities where each child got a turn to participate. I had to stand in the back of the room and bounce Paisley because she is pretty much the opposite of quiet and still but, that didn't matter. My favorite memory of this day is how sweet, big, and precious Judah was sitting there listening to Mrs. Jones.

•We didn't turn the TV on, not even once. Sure, the hubby and I are watching American Idol as I type this but, today the kids watched nothing. They played a lot and didn't even ask to watch anything. It was refreshing and needed.

•I read them books while they ate their lunch. I like to eat my lunch while they have quiet time but, sitting with them and reading to them while they ate was really nice. I feel like it helped them eat their lunches better because they were less distracted with other things.

•I picked out 7 things to get rid of. Money Saving Mom is doing a series on getting more organized and it's inspired me! Even if you're a fairly organized person, you might be surprised at how quickly you can find 7 things to get rid of.

So, what makes your day exceptionally great? If you know what those things are, I think you owe it to yourself, and your kids, to do those things!


P.S I'm breaking my own rule here and I'm going to publish this post without a photo. Ick....I hate doing that but, one thing I didn't do today was take many photos.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day! I am going to find seven things to get rid of today too. I'll have to slip them out without Eric seeing (he likes to keep everything because you never know when you might need them...)

  2. Love these tips. Internet time, ugh! It's a love hate relationship for me, and my goal is two email check-ins per day when the kids are awake. I feel so much better when I stick to that plan. Loving the seven things to throw away as well.

    Thanks for stopping by today!!

    xoxo michele

  3. Yep, I had given up facebook on my cell phone for lent, but decided a few days ago that even any facebook time at all was too much, because it's distracting. So i changed my password to something I don't remember, and am taking a break till it's not sucking me in with the comments upon comments..etc. I'm catching up on reading blogs, which is much more interesting and satisfying! :)


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