Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is Risen!

Last night I stayed up late, being the Easter bunny for the kids and making monkey bread for today. There's hardly anything that makes me feel more like a "mom" than getting things ready for the kids, the night before a big holiday.

This morning we opened Easter baskets and I was thrilled with how my husband gave me the Pioneer Woman's new cookbook and a little bit of dark chocolate. He knows me so well!

We quickly got ready for church (because, opps....we slept in late!) and then we headed to the special celebration service. Church was amazing! The rest of our day was spent celebrating with family and enjoying the sunshine.

 As I was going through our photos tonight, I realized that most of my pictures are of Paisley's back. This sister is busy, busy, busy and I pretty much spent the entire day trying to keep up with her!
Judah was so handsome in his suit and he loved the egg hunts. I think we have enough candy in our house to last him for at least a month!
It was a great day and we are so blessed because of what HE has done for us! 

Oh blessed lamb once slain
Will reign forever more
His hands once bound now save
Our God will never fail

He is Lord
He is Lord
Sings my soul
He is Lord
And He lives
Yes He lives
I'm alive 'cause Jesus lives

'Tis at the cross of Christ
Where earth and heaven meet
Where sin is overcome
To God the victory

And now 
Let the earth resound with praise
For our Saviour God He reigns
He is high and lifted up
For the King of glory waits
He is coming back again!



  1. Ha! I agree.. nothing says 'mom' like staying up til midnight on the night before a holiday. Too funny!

    Paisley's dress is adorable! And Judah in his suit! So cute! (Ps.. all my pictures are of my daughters back too!)


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