Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Love, Protect, Teach

On Monday I wrote about my goals for the week. One of those was to get to the gym and by golly, I've been doing it! I had a small pity party this morning when I realized that I was awake, pounding away on the treadmill and back at home, my husband and darling children were sleeping, all cozy and warm in their beds. Then the caffeine in my coffee started to work and it occurred to me that I really shouldn't be feeling sorry for myself and that being there, is a good thing.

I watched the DIY network while listening to "Eye of the Tiger" from Rocky. Talk about inspiration from all different angles, right? Then I did a little praying, with my eyes open of course or else I would have fallen off the treadmill. While I was praying, three big words came to mind, in regards to my job as a mommy. These words are totally obvious and definitely not new news but, I still thought I would share.

•LOVE-I need to make sure that everyday, I'm showing my children that I will always love them no matter what. When they don't listen, when they mess up, when I mess up.....they need to always know that love is unconditional.

•PROTECT-I don't really know how to explain this one, right now. Basically, parenting can get comfortable and then we, as moms, can get relaxed, maybe sometimes more than we should be. All I can say is...protect your kids.
•TEACH-Teaching should be a way of life. We should be teaching at the grocery store, teaching in the car, teaching while we're outside, teaching while making dinner, teaching while reading books, teaching while eating breakfast and so on. A child's confidence is built up when they learn new things. I'm reminding myself today to make teaching a way of life.

Now, on a way less serious note, I have a question for you smarty pants bloggers. When I hit  "publish post", my post immediately shows up on my blog but, doesn't show up on the blogger dashboard until way later in the day. I don't have it scheduled to post later so, why is there a delay? I'm writing this post before 8am but, it's going to look like I published it around noon. Any idea why this is?



  1. I think being awake when everyone else is asleep is pretty much the only way to get things done. Especially when they are things just for and about YOU. Good job sticking to it! Regarding your blogging question, I have the same issue. I think it's partially to do with what region the blog is set in on your settings and partially a blogger problem. It never used to do it, but it's definitely been an issue the last month or so. For me anyway. #UBP12

  2. I love the three words that came to you while working out! For me, PROTECTing my children means that sometimes, I care less about what friends/family think and I do what I know is best for my child. It also means that I take their needs seriously, am involved in their daily lives (especially as they get older and become more independent) and provide a home that is safe and secure. I didn't feel protected by my parents growing up; thus, I am passionate about doing what I can to help my kids know that mommy and daddy have their backs. I call this attitude the "mama bear b*tch" (forgive my language). :P

  3. Hi Angela. I'm Amanda and I blog at Royal Daughter Designs. I'm co-hosting the Networking Blog Hop this month, so I wanted to stop by and say hi. I believe Audrey is correct. The posting time is related to the time zone you have set up with your google account. Google has been known to mess up time zones though, so you may need to go check it out. :)

    Be blessed.


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