Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our Easter Table

The center of our kitchen table is one of my favorite spots to decorate. If the table is pretty, it's less likely to have stuff pile up on it. The rest of the house can seem a little chaotic to me but, if the table looks pretty, it's like a small piece of calm, in the midst of normal life. 

This afternoon I got the urge to decorate our table for Easter. I kept it simple, using a many natural elements as possible and it was super fun. When the kids got up from their naps, they were excited to see the decorations!

The crosses are made from sticks that I found in our yard, and then hot glued together. 
 The vases are a painted tin can, a painted mason jar and also a painted piece of an old fence post. I wrote about that adventure here.
 For greenery, I used cedar branches from our yard and for spring color, I added a few of our daffodils. I wish that I had an entire field of daffodils but, I don't so.....I feel a little stingy about how many I cut down. Sad, right? Better get more, as Judah would say!
 The eggs were tied onto the branches with ribbon. Lucky for me, the eggs already had holes in them. If yours don't you could always try using a hole punch or use a hammer and nail.

 Now our table is all decorated for Easter and the kids love it. My only regret is that I didn't do this earlier!


  1. Very cute!! I wish I could decorate my table, but my 2 year old pulls everything off!!!

    1. Thank you! We have our table pushed all the way against a wall so, the one side is out of reach from my 1 year old and 3 year old. I know what you mean though, spaces to decorate when you have little children are few are far between!

  2. Really pretty!! I love all the aqua.

    1. Me too, that color is wonderful!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! They took like a minute to make. Love making stuff from things in the yard. :)

  4. Hi Angela
    Your decorations are so very pretty!!
    Happy spring!!

  5. Very cute! I just love that shade of blue! Thanks so much for linking up! I love the way you always reuse and recycle items that others would throw away! Have a wonderful Easter!


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