Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reclaimed Tin Cans

Over the last year, I've started crafting more. Every mommy needs a little "me" time and crafting relaxes me. Some mom's read, some have favorite shows, some cook, some shop....whatever it is that you're doing for yourself, keep on doing it!  Okay, unless you're drinking all day or something....that's not good. Get help.

I've noticed that my favorite projects are the ones that literally cost next to nothing. 'Cuz, let's be real...if it's going to be expensive to make, why wouldn't I just let someone else make it for me, and then buy it?

Today I want to share a fun, simple and cheap idea with you. We saved a few of our tin cans, washed them and then I had a great time painting them. This project was two of my favorite things: Fast & Colorful!

So, what would a person do with their reclaimed tin cans?
•Use them to hold pens at a party say, a baby shower.
•Get really fancy, monogram them and then, use them to hold utensils for your child's party. 
•Grow some fresh herbs in one.

So, what have you reclaimed lately? Speaking of Earth Friendly ideas, if you haven't already, please go here and enter my Seveneth Generation "Green Your Home" giveaway!



  1. Love this idea! I've been reusing glass jars, but I'll have to try this next!


  2. What a cute idea! They came out so colorful and pretty! I'm visiting from the UBH.

  3. Found you at the UBP!! Cant wait to make your sweet and salty brownies... pined those babies, too!!

  4. I love upcycling and have some tin cans of my own that are waiting to be re=purposed in life! I even have a project on my blog today that upcycled a glass bottle! I'm visiting from UBP and waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  5. Hello fellow Blogfrogger! I'm not a crafter but your cans sure are pretty! I'm visiting from UBP12 Party. Here is my party post:

  6. What kind of paint did you use? These look so pretty. Thanks for sharing. I'm thinking about how I might use these. Stopping by from TGIG Linky

    1. Hi there! I used some left over interior paint that we had. It's just your regular latex enamel, I think!

  7. Such a cute blog! Fast and colorful is how I roll too :)

    Found you thru the UBP! Looking forward to following your adventures! Happy Friday!

    Kristine from TheFoleyFam - Unedited

  8. So cute. I love reusing our tin cans. Found you through UBP12 :)

  9. I agree, crafting is great, so is color, and if takes something out of the trash even better. I'm a sucker for any type of container. Have you got any ideas for the large plastic "Folgers" type coffee containers. They are a great sturdy plastic, and a cool shape? Any ideas? :) Stopping by from the UBP12!

  10. Such a fun idea! Im going to do these ASAP! Going to your giveaway now!

    Ps.. make sure you link these up to my Friday party if you havent already :)

  11. I'm stopping in from UBP 12. Your cans are so cute. I'm following gfc. If you get a chance stop on over to I host a weekly link party on Wednesdays and I'd love for you to link up your projects!

  12. I love the idea of using the cans to plant herbs! Yours look so cute.

    Stopping by from UBP12...I hope you'll come over to my place!

    Lemon Drop Pie

  13. So cute and simple and a great summer craft- will bookmark! THanks for sharing.

  14. Hello there! I am stopping by from UBP and I am loving the blog. I love the tin cans. WHat a cute yet inexpensive way to dress things up!! I will be following along! I blog over at where we do lots of inexpensive crafts, decorating and lots of other fun stuff with things we find at garage sales! Check us out when you get some time!


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