Monday, April 23, 2012

A Week in the Life-Monday Words and Photos

This week I'm participating in "Week In The Life" challenge with Ali Edwards. Although I'm not a digital scrapbooker, I'm passionate about documenting my days with my children and I'm hoping that this week will be a time for me to jot down our ordinary life, our normal days and moments that I want to remember.

This is my first time participating in "Week In The Life" and I'm guessing that most of the other bloggers are digital scrapbookers. Since I'm not used to digital scrapping, I think it could possibly take me half a day to document just one of our days. On that note, I'm planning on writing my posts with lots of photos and journaling about our week. My goal for this project is to journal our daily life, in a way that'll make me happy to come back and read, when time has passed and I've forgotten some of our everyday details.

So, with that being we go!

A Week In OUR Life: Day 01
6:00am-Alarm goes off for me to get up and go to the gym. I still don't feel 100% so, I turn it off and go back to sleep.
7:00am-I get up for the day. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down to write a list for the day and read my devotion. Happy that both kids are still sleeping.
8:00am-Judah wakes up. I warm him up some milk and let him watch a "Fireman Sam", on the couch while he wakes up a little. 
I hear Paisley waking up but, she sounds happy so, I finish checking my email, facebook, bloggy stuff and get her milk ready. 
8:15am-I go into get her. No wonder she was happy....somehow she grabbed a bag that I had set next to her crib, that was full of new clothes for her from Auntie Julie. She was playing with all of them and she was very happy about it! 

Before breakfast, Judah and I spin around the living room. 
 8:30am-Breakfast time. I have tuna on a low carb tortilla. Not a normal breakfast for me but, it was leftover from Jeremiah's lunch and it was GOOD. Paisley had a pancake and Judah had toast with raisins on the side.
During breakfast, Paisley says "Have some! Have some! Yes, Please!" Her vocabulary is growing everyday and she's really starting to combine words. I love her little voice and all of her expressions.
After breakfast, I throw some laundry in and vacuum the house. After I'm done vacuuming, Judah asks me to come help him with his closet door. He was playing with it and it got off the track....argh. I get frustrated and can't fix it. I tell Judah to not touch it and that Daddy will fix it when he gets home. 
 9:50am-We start to get ready to go out a run a few errands. We need to go to Rite Aid, go to the library and then I pack a picnic for us to have at the park afterwards.
While I pack our picnic, the alphabet cookies fall on the floor. Oh...didn't I just vacuum? I yell "Judah, there are animal crackers on the floor in here for you to eat!" I think to myself, "Seriously, did I really just say that??????"
 10:30am-We are all packed into the car and I put my make up on while the car warms up. It works great to put makeup on while everyone is buckled in and happy.
I was a bit annoyed with Judah in Rite Aid because he was touching everything and running our cart into stuff. We bought some plants and when we got up to the cash register, he put a flower pot over his head. As I reached down to take it off his head, he quickly lifted it up and it banged into my eye. Just then, it was our turn to check out and my eye was all red and watering. I explained to the checker that my eye had just been hit with a flower pot....I'm laughing about it now.

The library went great. Judah put all of his books back into the return slot by himself and picked out some new ones. The library has become one of his favorite places to go and that makes me so happy.

On our way to the park, I called my mom and asked her if she wanted to join us. She showed up a few minutes after us and it was so nice to have her there with us!

Judah ate his lunch on these big metal blocks that he called "Pumas".
 Before my mom showed up, I read the kids one of our new library books while they ate their picnic. It was truly perfect out there and no one was around us. It was just me, my babies, our snacks and the warm sunny day. Simply wonderful.
 Judah and I picked lots of flowers and he had a great time hiding them behind his back and then running up and giving them to Grandma.
 He wore Daddy's hat to the park, took it off and then filled it up with dandelions.

 Our picnic today was one of the best times that I've had in awhile. The weather was perfect, both of the kids stayed close and everyone was happy.
 1:30pm-We got home and I got the kids down for their naps. A little later than normal but whatever, it was a fun morning. After they were all tucked in, I made myself some cottage cheese with avocado and tomato for lunch and then tackled our white laundry.
 2:30pm-Jeremiah came home for his lunch break. That never happens so, it was a treat! He stayed inside and listened for the kids while I went out and did some planting.
 Hanging baskets...done!
 Tomatoes, planted!
 Bell peppers!
 Hot chili peppers!
3:30pm-Kids are still sleeping and hubby is back to work. I check the computer and tidy up the house.
4:30pm-I can't believe that they are still both asleep! I don't want to go wake them up but, I do it anyway. I know that bedtime is going to be late tonight.

5:00pm-Daddy gets home from work and we're all happy because he never gets home this early. He goes outside to mow with Judah and I make dinner. Paisley watches "Cedarmont Kids" and tries to hug all the kids on the DVD. Her hair is crazy with static, from trying to hug the TV.
 Dinner is Broccoli Beef stir fry and brown rice. Mowing takes longer than I expect so, my veggies get way overcooked and mushy. No biggie, we eat it anyway.
After dinner, Daddy plays with the kids while I go out to peek at my garden. Around 8:45pm, we finally get them all tucked in. Definitely later than normal but, that's what happens when you have long afternoon naps. 

9:15pm- Jeremiah helps me hang a photo collage in the bathroom and then I do the dishes. 

9:45pm-I finally sit down to relax and write this post.

It's been a really great day!


  1. Loved hearing about the joys of your day. I love WITL. I'm sad that I'm just not able to do it this week (too much going on to devote the time right now). You will SO love having this week to look back on. Yeah for you!

  2. Sounds like a great day. I love the pic of judah blurry and the dandelion in front.


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