Friday, April 27, 2012

A Week in the Life-Friday's Words and Photos

When I woke up this morning, I really didn't feel like continuing on with "A Week in the Life". There wasn't any specific reason, I guess I was just feeling a little burnt out. Instead of throwing in the towel, I told myself that this is what I committed to and I pushed through the slump. Now that the day is done and I'm going through our photos, I'm glad I didn't quit.

Post shower: I need a haircut.
 My list for today: Everything got done except for the 2 window tracks.
 Morning playlist:
 Breakfast: I think I told Judah to eat his food at least 20 times.
 Morning with my sister: Baby shower planning/playdate. Kids were crazy but, got along great.
 Nap time:  Folding laundry.
 The best thing that I read today. Please read this, it's so good.
 Paisley: Happy and running around.
 Hugs: Paisley gives hugs all day long. I've read that each person needs at least 12 hugs each day. Paisley always makes sure that I get my 12 and more.
 Judah: Sleeping.
 Smoothies: Avocado, strawberry, banana, apple juice, flax seed oil and yogurt. Judah had 2 glasses full.
 Grocery Store Monopoly: Too bad I've actually convinced myself that I'm going to win.
 When Judah was supposed to just go wash his hands: This is why our hand soap is almost gone.
Dinner: Peanut butter waffles with homemade strawberry/peach sauce for kids and hubby.
For me: Leftover re-fried beans because I'm still staying far away from all things flour and sugar.
 Daily Life: Chunks are taken out of soft balls by Paisley. There's never a dull moment around here.
 Goodnight: Judah, getting his teeth brushed.


  1. I love the bite out of the ball and the bubbles in the sink. That is SO my life.

  2. Awesome job keeping up on WITL. Almost done :)

  3. Great pictures, they really show the variety of your day. Thanks for sharing the bit about our skill, really encourage piece to read!!

  4. wonderful to see this morning. You certainly have a way with words..."pushing through the slump" inspiring.



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