Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Week in the Life-Saturday's Words and Photos

A Week In The Life: Day #6

Good morning: There was coffee, counter wiping, sunny skies and the hubby was at the church men's breakfast.
Paisley: Future baby wearer. 
 Another side of Paisley: Very grumpy face, accompanied with a lot of "No!", "No!" and "No!"
 Family garage saling: Very fun and a few treasures were found.
After lunch: Trip to Lowes for Judah and Daddy. 
First thing from our garden this year: Spinach! 
How our garden grows: Peas are around 2 feet tall. The cold cover is stored away for the summer and the trellis is up and the peas are a climb'n.
From top left: Beets, carrots, onions, some flower (I can't remember the name right now), parsnips and radishes.
New leaves: Burr Oak
 Planted about a month ago and already growing: Poplar Hybrid Tree
 Future hope for privacy from the road: Willow hybrid.
 Love these: Plum Blossoms.
A bush that we planted last summer, that's about to bloom for the first time: I think it's called a Pink Princess.
Afternoon Project: Covering a wooden "J" with fabric and then attaching it to this frame for Judah's room. 
Afternoon playtime: Riding in cars with girls.....let's just say that I'm very happy that we have a long time before he really will be riding in cars with girls. Seeing him in this Barbie jeep already made me nervous enough. Did I mention that she let him drive it? Oh yes, he was beyond proud of himself to really be driving.
Dinner: Grilled chicken and pineapple quesadillas. My chicken was over the garden spinach, so good!

This evening I pretty much fell off of the picture taking bandwagon. We got busy and honestly, taking photos didn't even cross my mind. When we bought our house, the 3 outside lights in the front  were all mismatched. We've done like 1,000 projects around this place and tonight Jeremiah replaced the outside lights. Now they are all matching and I love them! 

Tomorrow is the last day for this "Week in the Life" project and although I'm glad that it's almost over, I'm also glad I did it. Hopefully I'll be happy to look back and see what our daily life was like.

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