Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Week in the Life-Thursday's Words and Photos

Documenting our week has been going well so far! We've been snapping away and trying to keep it as "real" as possible. Here are my posts for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Started the day with coffee and a quick devotion.
 When Judah got up, he wanted to use my old camera. I said "go for it" and he had a blast.
Tonight I went through the photo memory card on "Judah's" camera and I totally cracked up. He got some good shots (for a 3 year old!). Here are a few of my favorite UNEDITED JUDAH PHOTOS:
When I was getting Paisley dressed this morning, she saw these overalls and said "pink". I guess it's true, little girls really do gravitate towards pink and you know what? I love it.
 This morning we had our friends Rachelle and Cade over. Before they came over, we baked our favorite banana bread.

 Judah loves pretending that dried beans are rocks. He uses all of this small trucks and pretends that he's loading up at the quarry.
 A few of the songs we were rocking out to this morning.
 Nap time came and I started my new book. I'm only through the first chapter but, "You're Already Amazing", is already so good. I literally was in tears for almost the entire first chapter. Really, it's just that good.
Late afternoon: Got ready to head to Target. 
 Jeremiah stayed home and did dinner and bedtime with the kids so, I could have a little break. Coffee....check! Silence....check! The only problem: I think I forgot to order decaf and I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight.
Yucky gas prices. 
 Target alone: Rejuvenation.


  1. Great photos!! Your son takes better pictures than a lot of adults I know! Ha! Well done!

  2. I enjoyed seeing your pictures. You have a lovely family. Nice job getting a photo of you, too.

  3. very sweet! thanks for linking up at picture me domestic :)


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