Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Week in the Life-Tuesday's Words and Photos

This week I'm joining in with Ali Edwards and a bunch of other ladies that are documenting their everyday lives. Yesterday was my first day documenting our week and I wrote about my goals for this project. Feel free to check out yesterday's post here. 

Today was a MOPS day for us. I woke up at 6:30am to the sound of rain and grabbed a shower and got ready before the kids were awake.  On MOPS mornings, I always struggle to get out of the house without almost loosing my mind so, if I can get up early, it gives me a major advantage and helps us all be in a better mood. 

When I went in to get Judah this morning he said "Mommy, is it tomorrow??? Can I wear my new train or dump truck shirt?" He loves his new shirts from the consignment sale. 
 I pile everything that needs to go on the table. At least it's all in one spot.
 Paisley ate her toast and Judah had a granola bar for breakfast this morning. Fast, easy and no dishes.
Before we leave for MOPS, Judah usually has a hard time and says that he doesn't want to go. Today he cried and said that he has "Two throats and that it hurts". He's always smiling when I pick him up but, when he cries and doesn't want to go, it still wears me down.

MOPS was wonderful today. Our mentors sat up in the front of the room and answered a variety of questions, some of which were pretty funny and others, very serious. I feel so blessed to be part of a group with so many wise women. 

One of the mentor moms talked about how important it is to get up before your kids in the morning and start your day with God. I wanted to stand up and shout a loud AMEN because I really believe in that. When I'm up before the kids, even if I'm praying on the treadmill, we're guaranteed to have a smoother day.
She also talked about having your kids do a quiet time in their rooms every afternoon and once again, I wanted to jump and clap!!! Judah and Paisley still nap but, Judah is transitioning to have a quiet time and although it was rough at first, he is making HUGE improvements. He loves reading his library books and it gives me some time to clear my head, tidy the house, blog or whatever I need to do. 

So much wisdom was shared this morning from all of the mentor moms. I'm just so glad I'm part of that group. I know I've said this before but, if you've happened to stumble across my blog and you're a mommy of young children, find a MOPS group. Every mom needs other awesome moms in her life!

After MOPS hugs and Judah's awesome binoculars that he made. Coolest craft yet, for this guy!
 Kids went down for their naps and I got some re-fried beans started in the crock pot.
 My stash of extra, extra dark chocolate, from Trader Joes. Just a square will do!
 Judah never fell asleep but, he did well with his rest time. He read books, played quietly on his bed with his trucks and drew on his drawing board.
Judah practicing putting his socks on. 
 After his quiet time, he came out to the garage with me and helped me vacuum the car. Our car had so many crumbs in it that I think we could have eaten lunch out of the car seats and off the floor for a few days. Seriously, I was afraid that animals were going to start living in there if I didn't get it vacuumed.
 Judah, to me, while I was folding laundry: "Mommy, I need someone who isn't folding laundry to get all my trucks out for me."
I stopped folding laundry and arranged all of his trucks on the couch for him. He loves that.
 Paisley was a bit fussy this afternoon. There was a lot of hanging on my legs and Up! Up! Up!
Before dinner, Paisley came out of her room holding a (wrapped up and used diaper), "hug! hug! hug!", she said, while hugging the diaper. Yuck! Had her put it back and then washed her hands. 
 It was just the kids and I for dinner tonight because Jeremiah went golfing after work. They had quesadillas, re-fried beans and apple sauce. I had re-fried beans with olives and cheese.

After dinner, Judah and I colored some pages to mail to a friend. Before we walked the letter out to the mail box, he waved at his trucks on the couch and said "bye, bye trucks! Don't fall down, ok?"
While Judah and I colored, Paisley played and messed around with her little computer. 
 Bedtime was early tonight because Judah didn't nap.
 Songs were sang, blankets were straightened, bears were put in their places. Good night Judah, I love you.
With her "B", songs were sang, prayers were prayed and lots of hugs were hugged.
Good night Paisley, I love you.
To wrap this up, I want to share an awesome post that I just read. I LOVE what this lady has to say about people who don't comment on blogs. I'm always amazed by how few people comment because I'm a big commenter but, I've realized that not everyone is that way and it's alright! Go read her post. I agree with her, word for word.



  1. Hi...it's Mom....
    This is very heart warming and I can tell that your life is rolling along very well! Your photos are beautiful!!
    happy blog!!

  2. I enjoyed this glimpse into your life Angela! Your kids are adorable.


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