Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Me|At this Moment

•At this moment.....I'm creating a huge crafty mess in my dining room.
•At this moment......I'm listening to Newsboys "Revelation Song", "Forever Reign", "God's Not Dead" and "Your Love Never Fails", on repeat as loud as possible without waking the kids.
•At this moment....I'm missing being in a powerful worship service, where hardly a hand isn't raised.
•At this moment....I'm thankful and excited that God always has big plans.
•At this moment.....My house smells like spray paint and glue guns.
•At this moment.....I'm planning on digging up one of my raised beds tomorrow, working the soil up really well and then re-planting it. My plants haven't hardly grown since they sprouted and I need to start over on that bed.
•At this moment....I'm alright with the fact that I can't commit to blogging about one certain topic. I guess I'm like a mixed bag of salad, some of it you love, some of it you might avoid and some of it you just sort of like....but, it's all in the bag. I think I'm okay with that, it's just who I am.
•At this moment....I'm going to wrap up my experimental crafty mess and get ready to spend time with my love.


  1. You make me laugh, Angela! I love following your big bag of salad! If you are the salad, then I must be the dressing- cause I am right there with you. Thank for sharing where you are at! I hope it where you want to be,

  2. :) My house always smell of glue guns. And I cant commit to blogging about one thing either. Welcome to the club.. haha

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