Monday, May 28, 2012

My Girl and I.... We Visit the Cemetery

On the way to the grocery store this evening, I noticed that the cemetery was filled with beautiful flags. These flags, put in place for Memorial Day, were waving proudly in the wind and sparkling in the sun. After our trip to the store, we ran home, grabbed the camera and then headed back to the cemetery. 

Sometimes your heart calls you to do something unplanned, like walk hand in hand with your girl through the cemetery. These spontaneous moments are often the most beautiful.
While we walked through the cemetery, we saw many people pull in, quickly pay their respects to someone that obviously touched their life and then leave, with a smile on their face. 
Paisley ran barefoot, without a care in the world. Her freedom and delight for the world reminded me of how much has been sacrificed for our freedom. Our freedom is not to be taken for granted.  Each one of these small flags is next to a gravestone of someone who served our country. 
I cried as we walked through the cemetery. Honestly, I've never really thought a whole lot about Memorial Day. I know this sounds bad but to me, it's always just seemed like a 3 great day weekend...with BBQ's! But, walking through the cemetery this evening and seeing Paisley's free spirit, next to all of those flags that sit at Veteran's graves....Well, it was extremely symbolic and it helped me remember what this day is really all about.

 Next year, we will be going to the cemetery as a family on Memorial Day. I want my kids to understand that amazing men and women have gone before them and paid a huge price for our freedom.
 As I came home and looked through my photos, the Newboys song "I Am Free", popped into my head.
I am free to run and I am free to dance 
I am free to live for You 
I am free 
yes, I am free 
I am free!

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  1. This post was such a gentle reminder that we need to be faithful to tell the story of our freedom to our children or we will have a generation that grows up ungrateful for the cost paid for their freedom and unknowing that a cost might still be required in the future to maintain their freedom. I was immensely blessed by your post, Angela. I love the symbolism, remembering the cost of our spiritual freedom in Christ, as well.


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