Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Weekend to Remember | In Review Part 2

Last Monday I started sharing about our experience at "A Weekend to Remember", the marriage conference  put on by Family Life. It was such an amazing and refreshing time for us as individuals and also for our marriage. You've probably seen the quote that says "Promote what you love, instead of bashing what you hate" and since I couldn't agree more with that quote, I feel like it's only right for me to share about our time.

Honestly, I don't really know who reads this little blog of mine and if I can speak to even one person and encourage them to invest in their marriage, then sharing about my experience is so worth it. 
Saturday morning we slept in until about 7am and then had breakfast in our hotel room: Granola Bars from Safeway. The hotel was super nice but, super nice goes hand in hand with a little spendy so, we tried to keep it cheap by buying some snacks to keep in our room and minimized eating out. 

The first session started at 8:30am and was titled "Unlocking the Mystery of Marriage".
•Marriage is about more than just our happiness. 
Purpose #1: Mirror God's Image
We are created to reflect the images of God. That means in our marriage, at work, in our neighborhood, at the grocery store and in our relationships.

Purpose #2: Mutually Complete One Another
God designed the marriage relationship to be the priority relationship in the family. Whoooaa!! I love that! So many families today are being run by the kids. The families are becoming completely child centered and that's not the way God created it to be.  

•Oneness in marriage is only possible when we consider our spouse before we consider ourselves.

****During this section, they had a large list of activities in our notebooks and we were to circle ones that we would like to do together. Seeing the list and circling some of the same things was fun because it's exciting to think of having hobbies etc. that we do together.

Purpose #3 Multiply a Godly Legacy
•The best hope for children to understand unconditional love comes as parents demonstrate that kind of love in the home. 
Learn to have conflict in a healthy way so, you can conflict in front of the kids and model what healthy conflict resolution looks like.

Purpose #4 God's purposes for marriage are challenged by an opposing force
From the beginning, the scriptures state that Satan has challenged God and His purposes for marriage.
Martial companionship has been threatened by: Shame, Guilt, Fear, Blame Shifting, and the Battle for Control.

Marriage is far more important than you may have thought. There is opposition to God's purposes for marriage. Recognize that your spouse is not your enemy.
Session #4 From How to Wow
Oneness grows are we receive our spouse as a gift from God. 
1. Leave-Establish independence from your parents and build our children up for independance. 
2. Cleave-The second responsibility is to establish commitment to one another. 
3. Establish Intimacy with one another. Growing toward oneness makes it possible for a man and a woman as a couple, to become more than they could have been apart.
4. So, why is God's plan difficult to experience? Differences, weaknesses, self centered-ness . 
As an act of your will, you must receive your spouse as God's gift, made personally for you.

Relying on God's power is the key to fulfilling God's purposes and plan for marriage.
The more difficult it is, the greater the opportunity to glorify God! 
What every marriage needs:
Establish a relationship with God. 
To truly experience oneness in marriage, we must first experience the power that comes from oneness with God.  
*****This session was awesome, in the way that they shared the gospel with the 300+ people that were there. Having a relationship with Jesus was clearly explained and at the end, there was an opportunity to accept Jesus into their hearts, if they hadn't done so already.

• Experience an ongoing relationship with God.
He helps us to love other people unconditionally. 

       But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness,            self-control; against such things, there is no law. -Galatians 5:22-23
In a nutshell, that was our morning. After the morning sessions, there was a homework assignment to do as a couple and then we had our lunch break.
We walked to the most delicious Thai place and had a great time at lunch together.

 Marriage isn't easy, mothering isn't easy and life can be complicated but, I'm sure glad that God has given us tools to make our journey into a journey that blesses Him and those around us. He can take our ugly spots and turn them into something that glorifies Him.


  1. Angela
    thanks for sharing this wonderful information. Thank you for sharing your blessings!

  2. This is awesome stuff! I love the reminder that your marriage should be the priority relationship in the family. When that's healthy, all else will follow much easier. So cool.

  3. I love that, "Marriage is more than just our happiness." So so true!! And it's forgotten a lot in society today. Loved reading about the conference!


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