Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Weekend to Remember | In Review Part 3

Whew! I don't know about you but, this last week has been jam packed busy for us. My sister and I threw a baby shower, then we had a super fun Mother's Day and then it was my birthday. Honestly, I love it when it's my birthday (I just don't like the getting older part!). Birthday's are super fun though and this year my hubby totally blew me away and planned a little surprise party for me. Just when we were finishing dinner, I heard some knocks at the door and Bam! Surprise! I loved it! The entire day was full of blessings and I went to bed feeling totally thankful for all the little details of the day, even the colored picture and flowers from the neighbor kids.
Last week I wrote a couple of posts about our amazing time at "A Weekend To Remeber"; the marriage conference put on by Family Life Today. In Part 1 I shared a picture of me jumping on the bed and then talked about why marriages fail and the communication toolbox. Part 2 was all about mirroring God's image, completing one another, multiplying a Godly legacy and going from "How to Wow!".

Today I'm going to cover the rest of Saturday. As I sat down to write this post, I started thinking about how glad I am that I'm slowly going through my notes and posting about our time. It's been a little over a week since we went away and we're back to normal life now. Normal demands of having children, normal chores, normal responsibilities and the little vacation that we were on is over. However, now is the time that's most important to put what we learned into practice. It reminds me of being in a worship service where the music is powerful and the teaching is really great. You can feel the presence of God all around you and when you step out of the church, you've got a spring in your step and you're ready to face the world. Well, a few days later, that emotional feeling might wear off but, that's when it's most important to dig down deep and pull out the truths that you learned. 

So here we go..........................
We Fight Too-
Where does conflict come from?
-Our "rights" have been violated.
-Our expectations have not been met. 
-We have been hurt.
-Unfulfilled desires may result in anger. 
* For conflict to be resolved, both husband and wife must be committed to oneness.

•Resolving conflict requires loving confrontation. 
-Confront the patterns, not the isolated events. Does the "problem" happen all the time or was it just a one time thing? Determine if you really need to talk about it or not.
-Examine your heart. Are you trying to retaliate? Restore? Punish? Pursue peace?
-Lovingly confront.
-Speak the truth in love.
-Focus on one issue, rather than many.
-Always remember that the goal is to restore oneness in your marriage.

Resolving conflict requires forgiveness. 
-Begin by admitting to God and to yourself that you were wrong. 
-Humbly seek forgiveness.
-Grant forgiveness.

•We minimize conflict when we actively choose to bless one another in marriage. 
-Blessing your spouse begins by cultivating a new attitude.
-It involves choosing to give a blessing instead of an insult.
-You choose to respond kindly when offended.
-You focus on God and the promises of His word.
-This choice can only be done in the power God provides.
The next session was called "Marriage After Dark" and since I pretty much blush at the thought of even typing about "you know what" ha!, I think I'll share about our date night instead!
Saturday evening we got dressed up and walked through Redmond to this charming little Italian restaurant called Tropea. My husband was in charge of picking out the place for us to eat and I'm sure glad that he picked this place because it was perfect!
Lorenzo, the owner of this delicious little restaurant, grew up in Italy and then moved to the Seattle area in 1983. While we were there, he visited with us and made us feel very welcome. Our food was also amazing. Jeremiah had homemade ravioli, stuffed with lobster and I had an amazing salad.
 As we were getting ready to leave, our waiter brought out a homemade Tiramisu, courtesy of Lorenzo. Although we were already stuffed, the fact that they were treating us to dessert totally made us smile. And let me tell you, it was amazing!
Even though we live far away from Redmond, I would totally go back there sometime, just to go eat at Tropea. It was the perfect spot for our date night.


  1. Thanks for the terrific advice on conflict resolution! I am getting married in June, and I know your advice going to come in handy over the years! Also, glad you had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Thank you for this, I google searched "weekend to remember reviews" and your blog came up. My husband and I are going to the seminar TONIGHT and this weekend. I am excited but nervous at the same time. I'm not as nervous now as I kind of know what to expect. Thank you for your posts and you are right, you wrote about it and helped me tremendously!!!

  3. I love how it was put about resolving conflict. "Loving confrontation." great great point!!

  4. Love what they said about resolving conflict. "Loving confrontation." great great point!!


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