Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chalkboard Painted Mason Jars + A list of what to DO with them

Lately, it's been all about chalk paint and mason jars at my house. While we were shopping at WalMart one day, I noticed how cheap their spray paint is. I picked up a few cans and really, my life might never be the same. Who knew spray painting a jar was so fast and easy? Personally, I've found that I LOVE the FLAT FINISH the best. It seems to have better coverage and be more forgiving if you're not a super-expert when it comes to spray painting. The flat finish also has more of an aged look to it so, I like it but....that's just me.

Anyway- I've been spraying my little heart out and then after the spray paint is super-duper dry, I've been using painter's tape to tape of an area for the chalk paint. Chalk paint goes on smoothly and a can of chalk paint will last you for an eternity.

Another new thing that I decided to try is: Stenciling! Who knew there are SO many cute and reusable stencils out there? Seriously! I was so excited when I found these. So yes, I've been spraying, painting and then stenciling and it's been fun.
Fun, right? But, what would a person DO with one of these? Well personally, I'm going to try and sell mine at a flea market that I'm participating in. I'm hoping that people will like them but, there's no guarantee and like I've said before: "you never know if something will be fun, until you give it a try."

We all like to have things in our home that are useful and not just cluttering up our space so, here are a few ideas for how you could actually USE these:
Use your jars as a vase. 

Use your jars to get organized. 

Use your jars as a photo prop!

Use your jars for drinks.

Use your jars for table numbers.
I hope these ideas have inspired you to pick up a can of spray paint in your brightest, most favorite color. Just learn from my mistake and make sure you spray paint outside, far away from your husband's tools. I guess guys don't love having pink spray paint residue all over their stuff. Personally, I thought it was kind of cute....just kidding. :)

Have fun. 


  1. Really cute idea!!

    - Karen

    1. Hey Karen! For some reason, some of your comments aren't showing up on my blog. I emailed you yesterday about the varnish on the bench. I used a polyurethane sealant from Home Depot. If you go to their store, I'm sure someone will easily be able to direct you to one that won't leave a yellow'ish stain. Hope that helps!

  2. Love the ideas! I'll try painters tape. I got the idea to use the outline of a name tag sticker because I liked the rounded edges but it bled I'll go with squared edges and get over it;) I did this with bigger glass containers and have a feeling I'm going to go a little crazy with my jars tomorrow;)

    1. Yes, painters tape works well. Just push it down really hard on the edges and make sure it doesn't have any wrinkles. Also, after the chalk paint is super dry, you can use a kitchen sponge and scrub away and tiny amounts that have bled through.

  3. These are super cute! I love the stencils on them! Good luck at the flea market!

  4. these look awesome! what a great idea :)

  5. I love the stencils! These are great! I’d love for you to share this project on Tuesday’s Tidbits @ Naptime Delights:
    Thanks so much!

  6. Adorable! Great idea...they turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays.


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