Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dear Paisley

Dear Paisley,
Today, you and I had a very special morning together. It's rarely just the two of us because you wake up after Judah and go to bed at the same time as him. When Judah was your age, he was about to become a big you!

This morning, Judah and Daddy had some errands to run so, you and I had a girls morning at home. When I have one on one time with you, I enjoy every minute of it. You are such a sweet girl and I see you developing into such an interesting little person. It seems like lately we've turned the page onto a new chapter that shows new ways that you like to play. You've recently become interested in playing with your babies. I love seeing you wrap them up in blankets, sing them songs and pretend to tuck them in. When I see your nurturing side, it makes this Momma's heart happy.
I can relate to you, Paisley Rae. You and I are a lot alike. We are both emotional, silly, we love to dance and we love our babies. We also love shoes and jewelry. When I wear earrings and necklaces, you point to them and say "Want some! My turn!". You're still a little too young sweet girl but, someday I'll share with you.........I promise.
One of my favorite sounds is you and your big brother laughing. You think he's the funniest thing ever and when he makes you laugh, your eyes twinkle. 
As I did a few things around the house this morning, you played contently at my side. I've really seen your attention span grow lately and you have a new love for blocks and of course, you still love books. At 20 months old, you amaze me with how smart you are. You can count to 10 and sing the ABC's! You are determined and you insist on doing things yourself. 
I love having you by my side, being my buddy. I love that even though you are feisty, independent and determined, you still want me to carry you around sometimes. I love that when you hug me, you squeeze my neck as hard as you possibly can. 
Thanks for the fun morning, sweet girl. You and your brother truly are my "sunshines". Not only do I love you but, I also really like you. 

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