Tuesday, June 19, 2012

If You were at My House Right Now

If you were at my house right now........... you'd probably be able to tell that I'm tired from staying up way too late watching the Bachelorette and talking birth stories with my Monday night gals. However, if I'm going to stay up until 1am, talking about birth is one of my all time favorite subjects  and on a totally different note, I'm super glad that Emily sent Ryan home.

If you were at my house right now.......you would most likely smell garlic. Sunday afternoon, I pulled a few of the first garlic that I've grown and then yesterday, I made a delicious and stinky dinner to celebrate my Dad.
If you were at my house right now.......you'd find a lot of sand in my car. Honestly, it drives me nuts but, going to the beach and playing is SO worth it. Who wants a super clean car and a boring life? Not me and definitely, not my kids!

If you were at my house right now.......you'd see that we made some homemade finger paint this morning and then we painted paper and cookie sheets with it. Making this finger paint was super easy and fun. I'll post the recipe in the next few days.

If you were at my house right now......you'd see that Paisley asks multiple times a day to sit on the potty chair. She hasn't actually done anything in it yet but, I love that she's interested. She's super young so, I'm just going to follow her lead and not make it a big deal. 

If you were at my house right now.....I'd tell you how happy I am that my sister was here to do the kid's bedtime with me last night. Her sweet husband let her stay, after we had the dinner for my Dad and she was so much help, since my husband was working. I love this picture of her reading stories with my boy. How precious are they???? P.S. In just a couple of months, they'll welcome their 3rd boy and I'm so excited to snuggle that baby!
And lastly, if you were at my house right now....you might see that I have puffy eyes from reading "Bloom" the other night. Have you read that book? Oh.My.Goodness. I stink'n cried my eyes out through the first chapter. They weren't sad tears but, more like thankful tears. That book makes me want to hug my babies tighter, slow down and enjoy them more. 


  1. I love this post! I must read the book!

  2. I, too, love this post! And that pic of me reading to Judah. That was really fun :)


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