Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Favorite Things About My Daddy {Free Printable}

My husband is a huge part of our children's lives and it doesn't take long to see how important he is to our kids. Anytime we get together with friends, it's usually within the first 3 minutes that our 3 year old is talking about his Daddy. He's like "Hi! My Daddy's at work!", "Hi! What's your Daddy's name?", "Hi! My Daddy has a truck!". He loves his Daddy so much and he wants to be just like him. To my kids, their Daddy is pretty much the center of the universe.

Just this morning, Judah brought me his little lunch box and asked me pack him a lunch so, he could go to work today. He grabs his lunch box, hops on his little fire truck and tells me he has work to do. Then he drives off down the hallway and has his pretend work day.

For Father's Day, I think we might start a new tradition. I want to document what my kids are thinking and feeling about their Daddy at these young ages of 1 and 3. Here's a simple printable that I typed up this afternoon. Feel free to save it, print it and then use it for your own kids!

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  1. Such a great idea! I need to get moving on Father's Day plans!

  2. Aw, so cute! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Featuring YOU today! :)

    Ginger @ gingersnapcrafts.com


  4. So cute! I can't wait until mine is old enough to do something like this! She is one, so we just did a simple "craft" for daddy.

  5. Very cute! Pinning to use when Little Man is big enough to give me answers (I could fill it out now but Little man is only 7 mo old so he wouldn't contribute much, but he might eat the paper :)

  6. This is a cute idea! Thanks for sharing on our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday". Hope you come back next week. -The Sisters


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