Monday, June 4, 2012

Project 365{+1} May + Fun Photo a Day Ideas

Alright, so I'm finally done going through our May photos and when I say finally, I mean....finally (with a big, giant, sigh). It took me way too long to go through the pictures from last month and pick out a photo from each day and sure enough, I forgot to take a picture on two different days-that or maybe, I just can't find the picture. Anyway-I'm not going to beat myself up about it. 
Day 122: Paisley on her lego phone: "hello? hello?"
 Day 123: The first Iris to bloom since we've lived here. 
Day 124: Scratch and sniff books. We love them. 
Day 125: Our first weekend away since becoming parents. Yes, I'm jumping on the bed!
Day 126: Our date night at "A Weekend to Remember".
Day 127: Jeremiah and Judah stop to inspect a worm or a slug on our family after-dinner walk. 
Day 128: They love rocking together. 
Day 129: My heart flip-flops when I look at this boy's eyes and freckles. To me, he's perfect. 
Day 130: Finished project-Jewelry board. To me, the color of the frame is pretty stink'n great. 
Day 131: Judah pretends he's "at work". 
Day 132: Paisley literally licks her plate clean. 
Day 133: We throw Rachelle a baby shower! 
Day 134: Happy Mother's Day! Judah takes Paisley's hand and leads her away from the new fire pit.
Day 135: The sun is shining and we hangout in the pool. 
Day 136: No words. He totally melts my heart.
Day 137: Again, no words. 
Day 138: Yep, that's a bee on our screen. 
Day 139: This is my garbage can after an attempt to sew ruffles. Booo......
Day 140: The peas are ready to eat!
Day 141: Gift for my MOPS gals, S'mores in a jar. 
Day 142: Her hair is getting long. 
Day 143: He loves his binoculars. 
 Day 144: Yeah! Daddy is home. 
Day 145: Sister likes her Puddin' Pop. 
Day 147: Happy Birthday to us!
Day 148: Paisley and I visit the cemetery on Memorial Day. 
Day 149: Curly hair shouldn't be combed but, he's having fun so, no biggie. 
Day 151: First rose of the year. 

For the last few months, I've felt like I'm in a bit of a photo slump. I want to take great pictures....memorable photos, specifically of my kids but, it's so easy to get into a rut!  I feel like I'm not being as intentional as I'd like to be so, I've gathered a few "Photo Inspiration" lists and I'm going to use them for ideas. 

I thought I'd share the lists that I found, in case you're in need of a fresh perspective, like I am!
Go ahead and click on the images, to make them larger. 
Aren't those photo checklists awesome?! I found them over at Simple As That, and honestly,  I think she is brilliant! 

So, what about you-what type of pictures do you hope to capture this summer? I'm hoping that our summer will be filled with lots of playing, lots of living fully and hopefully our pictures will reflect that. 


  1. I love all your pictures Angela! Paisley and Judah are beyond adorable!

  2. Love a good 365! I've been keeping a 365 photo blog for almost two years now!


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