Monday, June 11, 2012

Project 365{+1} Week 23

Alright, so maybe I was wrong about posting my Project 365{+1} photos on a monthly basis. I thought it would save me time and that I'd enjoy doing it that way....... but nope, I think I like posting the photos on a weekly basis better. Going through a weeks worth of photos is way quicker and frankly, way more fun than trying to sort through an entire month's worth.
So, here are the pictures that show a little about our life.

Day 152: My mom came over to raid our garden. While Judah was helping us pick the peas, he was taking a bite out of them, before putting them into the bag. He cracks me up. 
 Day 153: I went to a ladies day at a church we visited and while the kids were home with Daddy, they played dress-up. 
 Day 154: My kids are usually not getting along so, I love how sweet they're being in this picture. 
Day 155: She looks a little bit like me, doesn't she?
Day 156: They LOVE Daddy's truck. 
Day 157: Paisley is starting to get into dressing up. I think I'm going to love this phase!
Day 158: Judah and I baked a Rhubarb Apple Cake. After it came out of the oven, he was so excited to try it so, he leaned over it and blew, blew, blew on it, hoping to cool it down. 
Day 159: I {love} my poppies!
Day 160: Finally, we're starting to spend more time outside. Paisley loves the baby swing that we got for the new playset. I think she could stay in that thing for hours. 
Day 161: Judah leads Paisley by the hand to the big hill that they love to roll down. They've discovered that rolling down hills is super fun. 


  1. They are so cute!!!! Of course I am partial to the firefighter suit. Warms my heart!

  2. Cute photos. So funny about the peas.

  3. Hi!
    Great snapshots! Love the one of the kids on day 154, adorable. Have a great day!

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