Monday, July 23, 2012

A Navy Blue, Lime Green and Gray Baby Party

This weekend was extra fun. I had the privilege of hosting a baby party for my sister and I had such a blast, filling my home with mostly  family and a few close friends. Notice that I called it a "baby party" and not a "baby shower"? Well, that's because I wanted our time together to really feel like a party. I wanted the ladies to feel like they were at a ladies night out and that they could eat, visit and stay as long as they wanted.

My original plan was to have the party outside and have my yard all decorated in a garden party sort of theme. Part of the plan was to have a camp fire later in the evening and I prepared a s'mores bar-complete with Reeses Peanut Butter cups, sea salt, pretzels and of course, the usual toppings.

Well, the weather around here is totally unpredictable and it ended up raining so, we had the party inside. It was still really fun and now I have a s'mores bar set up for another time, when I'll randomly invite some friends over, if it's actually not raining!

To decorate for the shower, I used spray painted and stenciled jars, filled with flowers from my garden and also sunflowers from the store.
Is it just me or are sunflowers the most wonderful flower ever? I just can't get enough of them! 
The banner was sewn with the same fabric that my sister is going to be using to decorate her new baby's room. Sewing a pennant banner is super easy. Basically, you just cut out triangles of fabric with pinking sheers, sew the triangles onto a long, narrow strip of fabric and then trim any loose edges. YOU could totally do it. 
 The chicken wire frame held this bible verse that I love and a sweet picture of her baby-to-be.

 The silverware was kept in old terracotta pots that I found at the thrift store, for like 50 cents. The pots were spray painted and stenciled.
 Since it was a dinner time party and I wanted it to feel like a ladies night out, the food was potluck style. Oh wow, those ladies brought some yummy food!
 Dessert and drinks were provided by my mom and I. She made a peach pie and I made a carrot cake and brownie batter dip, that happens to be quite addictive when paired with pretzels.
This carrot cake recipe is a new favorite of mine so, I think I'll share it later this week. Really, it's just too good to not share. The cake is moist and full of yummy things like walnuts, fresh carrot and pineapple. 
The frosting was a homemade cream cheese frosting and I loved how easy it was to make and also, how easy it was to pipe the frosting on.
 I hope my sister had the perfect evening. For me, it sure was an honor to spend the evening celebrating her with all of these amazing ladies! Seriously, aren't they all so cute? I love them all! Now, I'm just so excited to meet her new baby!
I hope you had a great weekend as well! 
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  1. the cake looks DELECTABLE! mmmm! And i see a tiny little girl I can't wait to meet in the corner of the group pic...awwwwww..What a beautiful and wonderful group of people!

    1. Yes, that tiny baby girl in the corner is so precious! I saw your pictures of Jessica's shower and it looked wonderful. I hope you all had a great time.

  2. This is so cute! I love planning showers!

  3. Very cute, I like the kind of unconventional colors of the shower!! The cake looks wonderful. Looks like all had fun!!

  4. Everything is so, so cute! and that cake!

  5. You are a baby shower throwing PRO! This is too cute. I LOVE the colors you picked and the banner is so perfect. Also, brownie batter dip? Carrot cake? My tummy is growling over here! :)

    I'm sharing on FB!


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