Friday, July 6, 2012

Cannon Beach Vacation Part 2

Cannon Beach is one of our all time favorite spots so, on our vacation we set aside an entire day to simply hangout there, breath in the salt water air and play in the sand. 

It wasn't exactly the warm, sunny day that we had hoped for but, we had fun despite the way our bodies were shivering and our lips were turning purple. I know, I shouldn't have left our jackets back at the hotel room but, what can I say....I thought it was going to be sunny! 

After a couple of hours, we started to feel raindrops. That's when we knew that it was time to come up with Plan B. The kids were cold, tired and getting hungry so, we got ready to head out.

We loaded back into the car and decided to grab some hot cocoa for the kids and some coffee for us. Before we knew it, both kids were asleep and we were driving in peace. We headed down to Rockaway Beach and just about the same time as we arrived, the sun came out!
Rockaway has a really neat old fashioned train ride and for the 1 1/2 ride that it is, it's super affordable. Judah was totally excited when he saw the train. He loves trains but, he'd never been on one before. We took a few minutes to decide if the train ride would be a good idea. Hmm...busy Paisley on an 1 1/2 train ride??? Would it work? Would she scream? Would she be content?
We decided to go for it and it ended up being a blast. She did get a little restless but, Jeremiah and I took turns holding her and we all had a great time. 

After the ride was over, we spent the rest of the day playing on Rockaway Beach. The kids loved it so much and it was actually really relaxing for me also. They did really well at staying close to us. Judah built sand castles and Paisley ran through this shallow stream that lead out to the ocean. 

That evening, we had dinner in our hotel room and gave the kids a long bath to (try) and remove the sand from their little beach bodies. That night I went to bed feeling very thankful. Thankful for the down time to spend with my little family. Thankful for the area in which we live and how beautiful it is.  And thankful for new experiences for our children, like the beach and the train ride.

It was a great vacation but, don't think it was perfect. We had our share of little hiccups along the way. At one point we'd been driving for an insane amount of time and there was no restroom in site. Judah insisted that he needed to poop so, we finally had no choice, other than pulling over. As we got him out of the van, he started to fuss and said "But, I don't want to go like Rosie!!!" Rosie is our dog and that my friends, was hilarious.

Then there was the time that we literally almost ran out of gas. Who knew that Cannon Beach only has ONE gas station and the gas station is hidden way far away, in an RV park? When we finally located this hidden fuel stop, we put 19.37gallons into our tank and I'm almost 100% positive that I only have a 19 gallon tank. Yes, I was stressing out. For. Sure.

Oh and then there was the time were we had to stop at the peak of the Astoria Bridge because they were doing construction on the bridge. Honestly, I don't even like driving over HUGE bridges in the first place but, when I saw the traffic coming to a stop and I saw that we were at the tallest part of the bridge and that we'd be stopped at a huge incline, I thought I was going to possibly have a small melt down. 
Now we're getting back to normal life. Today the laundry (almost) all got done, the garden got weeded, peas were picked and the boys worked outside a lot. It was good to go and it's good be be back. I like this place.


  1. Great pictures! Looks like a wonderful time!! :)

  2. Awww...looks like a great vacation. You are making me wistful for the Oregon coast. We used to live there and even though it has been 5 years and I am on the other coast, I can't get Oregon and all its beauty out of my system. Wish to go back. Thanks for the trip down memory lane for me. I have pictures of my now 10 year old doing many of the same things at that same beach.


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