Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chicken Wire Frame Easy-Peasy Tutorial

Today has been one of those good days where I feel like we were able to pack a lot of fun stuff into the day yet, not feel too busy or rushed. For the most part, we stayed home and did some things around the house. We played, Judah and I did a  little "school" together, the 3 of us went for a bug hunt in the back yard and I was able to finish up these chicken wire frames that I've been working on.

Honestly, I don't really know what I should call this project. "Chicken wire frame" seems like the obvious term but, these could be used as a place to keep your lists, your ear rings, your necklaces or you could even hang little photos on one of these. There are tons of possibilities!

While reading this tutorial, you're probably going to think "Gee! That sounds really easy!"....And, .that's because, THESE ARE EASY! Believe me, you don't even need to be a crafty person to make one of these.

Basically, all you need is:
•An old wooden frame, without the glass (I found mine at a thrift store for less than $1)
•Spray Paint
•Clothes Pins
•Sand Paper (if you want to distress your frame)
•Chicken Wire
•Wire Cutters
•A Staple Gun
Take your old frames out in the yard and lay them down on newspaper. 
 Spray paint the frames and spray paint the clothes pins. Remember with spray paint, LESS IS MORE. It's better to need to do multiple coats than to spray on too much paint and have paint that runs and get streaky. I only mention this because too often I try to hurry, use too much paint and then regret it later. Less is more. 

 Measure the frame and cut out the chicken wire. 
 With a staple gun, attach the chicken wire to the back of the frame. 

 If you feel like distressing your frames (I DID!), go ahead and use some fine grit sand paper to slowly sand off some of the paint.
 I plan on using my frames for the kids artwork and a place to keep my lists. If you know me, you'll know that I'm a crazy list maker and I'd rather have my list hanging in a pretty frame, rather than taking up my (small) amount of counter space! 
After our day at home, we decided to go out with my sister, her kids and my mom for an evening picnic and ice cream. We hit our favorite ice cream spot and the kids gobbled down the picnic that we packed, because they knew that ice cream was right around the corner. 

The evening was so beautiful and perfect so, I couldn't stop myself from taking a few photos of the kids. Gosh, aren't these boys cute
Personally, I think these guys are the coolest 3 year old boys around. 


  1. What a fantastic idea! Those frames are adorable and those boys are too!

  2. I love your frames! I like that they are so versatile and I can think of several places in our home where they would get lots of use :)

    We'd love for you to link up at our Finished Friday blog Party.

  3. Love these colors, thanks for sharing a such a fun project!

  4. Very cute idea, love the fun colors you painted them!


  5. I'm loving your frames and your sweeties are SUPER CUTE!!! Featuring you on Saturday! XO, Aimee

  6. Can I ask what colors you used for the frames? I love the greenish/teal one!


    1. Hi Leah,
      The spray paint brand is Krylon-I got it at Walmart for like $4. The color is called "Jade" and the finish is Satin. Hope that helps! :)

  7. I make the same things, but we take copper wire, (use electrical wire and strip off the rubber coating to reveal the copper wire) and make hooks to hold necklaces, bracelets and such. Your hook earrings display nicely with the necklaces on these boards!


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