Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daily Life and Applesauce Banana Pancake Muffins

Yesterday I made it out of bed and outside to water the garden, before the kids were awake. If I'm up before them in the morning and I have some time to start my day before the craziness begins, it's almost a sure guarantee that our day will go well. It's kind of like a secret to success for me but, that doesn't mean that it's easy to pull myself out of bed before them in morning!

So anyway, I stood outside, with the hose in one hand and my coffee cup in the other. The world was quiet minus the birds singing and while the garden got watered, I was able to polish off my first cup of coffee.

When Judah woke up, he wanted to help me make breakfast and we decided to make up our own recipe. We kind of do that a lot around here.....fly by the seat of our own pants and just see how it turns out. Sometimes the results are better than expected and other times, we just call it an experience or a lesson learned. Either way, it's fun to try new things and I find that when he cooks with me, he's always more likely to eat the final result.
Judah made these muffins almost completely by himself and I loved seeing him focus and be proud.
First I gave him 12 cupcake liners that he carefully put into the muffin tins. 
 Next, I chopped up a banana and he set banana slices into each of the liners. 
 While he was putting all the banana slices into their places, I mixed up some thick pancake mix with water and Flax Seed meal. Lately, I've been adding Flax Seed meal to our pancake batter. It adds good fiber and Omega-3's for the kids, they like it just the same and it makes me happy when I see them eating healthy foods. 
 I gave him the bowl of pancake mix and also a small bowl of apple sauce and he spooned them both in and over the banana chunks. 
 We baked them at 350 for 20 minutes and they turned out delicious (although, I forgot to take a picture of Judah's final creation). 
While they were baking, he sat down next to Rosie to "play her a song". 
Yesterday was supposed to be a day where we'd stay home most of the day but, we ended up running around a ton. A short morning appointment turned into a trip to the thrift store. I've been in search of old, chunky frames for a project and the thrift store is a real great place to find that stuff, although it's not always easy to shop there with a toddler on my hip and a curious I-want-to-touch-everything 3 year old at my side. We (and the store) survived and I found the frames that I had been searching for.

After that, we hit the library. Judah cracks me up....the books that he's interested in are far from your average fictional story, written for a preschooler. No, this boy wants to read about fireworks, bagpipes and also, pyramids so, that's what our stack of books mostly consists of.

This week is a busy one for us so, I'm off and running again! I saw this on Pinterest and I thought it was too good not to share. Don't we all need this reminder sometimes?

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