Friday, July 6, 2012

Feature Friday: Blogging Tips from Kelley at The Grant Life

Hi Angela's Adventure friends!  My name is Kelley and I write over at the Grant life.  I share all kinds of thrifty, crafty, foodie goodness.  I'm also a momma to two blonde haired blue eyed babies.  I'm excited to be here because I love Angela's sweet blog!  You can truly see how much she loves her babies when she writes.

I have been blogging for over a year now and I love it so much!  I have made such good friends through blogging and love meeting new friends!  One thing that I love is that there are no official rules to blogging, you can share what you like and how you like.  [Minus copyrighting of course.]  Today I'm going to share some of my favorite bloggy tips with y'all!  

1. Email
When a blogger responds to comments they can either reply directly under the comment or via email.  It;s easier to reply through email and this is the method used by most bloggers.  [Also, I have 'met' some of my best bloggy friends simply by replying to their comment!]  If you prefer to not have an email attached to your account, it's suggested to at least have it someone on your site in case someone wants/needs to contact you. [If you want to have an email on file check out this tutorial.]

2. About me
The thing I do when I visit a new page is check out their about section because I want to know the real person behind the blog.  I love being able to get more information on who you are other than your posts.  Its also nice to include pictures.  

3.  Blog Button 
Blog buttons are your business card in the blog world - they let others know your out there.  If yours trying to establish your blog having a button is a great way to start.  You can swap with other bloggers, buy ad space or just ask others to post it on their site once you have a button.  I have a simple tutorial on how to make a blog button too!  

4. Consistent 
What you post is how you gain readers, being consistent in those posts is how you keep readers coming back.  You dont have to post everyday but find a schedule that works for you so that your readers know what to expect.  Just for an example, I post M-Th and my schedule is:

M - Menu
T- Craft/Recipe

5. Questions 
Bloggers are nice people - even the bigger ones.  If there is something you have a question on - ask!  I love getting emails from fellow bloggers asking for advice/help.  From my end it feels good to share what I've learned and I know other bloggers feel the same.  


  1. Great tips Kelley!! I need to get myself on a schedule!! :)


  2. Thanks girlies! Yall rock! Thanks for having me Angela :)


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