Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How Our Garden Grows (with a winner)

This year is the first year that I've had a real garden. My husband built us three 4x8 raised beds and I feel like I've been able to grow a good variety of veggies in that space. I'm loving a lot of things about our raised beds. One main thing is that I haven't had to weed hardly at all!

There are a few things that have surprised me about gardening. For one, I thought that it would be way easy. In my mind, I pictured it going something like this. #1. You get good seeds and you plant them. #2. The sun shines and you water your garden. #3. Your garden grows, you're happy, your family is happy and everyone eats what you've grown.

Alright, so a few of my expectations were correct but, there are many things that have also really surprised me. For one, I never in a million years expected that my two rows of peas would produce the insane amount of peas, that they have. I pick peas, I pick some more. I freeze peas and then I freeze some more. It's like they never stop and frankly, I'm getting a little bit sick of them! I never anticipated that!

Another thing that has surprised me about gardening is how little I know. Before I planted my first round of beets, carrots and onions, the dirt sat for too long and basically turned into a brick. Being the beginner gardener that I am, I never thought about how I needed to cultivate it well before planting. So, I planted and the seeds sprouted and then they didn't grow..... for like over a month. I finally had to dig up the whole bed and start over. Now my beets, carrots and onions are doing better than they were before but, they are still very small and I don't know if our growing season will be long enough for them to mature.
 Another thing that's strange to me is how the top two rows of beets are growing noticeably quicker than the two rows, directly below. They are all the same seeds, planted on the same day but, they're growing at such different speeds.
One thing that I've never grown before is zucchini. Today went I walked outside and saw the flowers on our zucchini plants, I was so excited! We all love zucchini and I would be thrilled to be one of those people who has zucchini coming out of her ears!

Along with the peas, beets, carrots, onions and zucchini, we also have tons of lettuce, rosemary, thyme, dill, a cilantro plant that isn't very happy, chives and a thriving rhubarb plant from my dear friend Angie. When it's almost dinner time and I step outside for lettuce and herbs, it makes me feel like such a country chick. In reality, I'm in a cul-de-sac but, I tell myself that I'm bringing the country into the cul-de-sac and then I smile.

My pepper plants from the store are doing better than I expected them to. We've had a wet and cold spring so, I'm happy that I even have one pepper!

 My gardening buddy. I must say, he's getting really good at using that hose.
 Chili peppers! Tonight we had taco salad with a few of these on the top. Yum.
So, before I announce the winner of the handmade clutch, I have a question.
Do any of you know what this plant is (pictured below)???? Is it a weed? I have a few of them popping up in my raised beds but, I don't want to yank them until I know what I'm removing. Any ideas?????
And lastly.....I want to shout out a big THANK YOU to all of you who entered the handmade clutch giveaway. I love supporting small businesses, especially the ones that are run by moms of young children. Congratulations to SARAH at
I'm sure you'll love your clutch!


  1. the rhubarb looks great! and what kind of peas are those? My peas are going bonkers producing lots of green and not lots of pods!

    1. They are the Territorial Cascadia Snap Peas. The rhubarb you gave me is doing great! The top part pretty much all died off but, now it's sprouting new leaves like crazy! Do you have any idea what that plant in the last photo is? Is it a weed?

  2. if you need someone to help you eat your peas, let me know ;)


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