Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our Weekend {Snippets of FUN and BUSY!}

Our weekend.......It was fun and busy. For me, sometimes too busy doesn't always equal fun but, I can honestly say that this weekend was really fun. Friday night, I headed out to meet up with the gals that serve on our MOPS leadership team. Together, we spent the evening bonding, learning how to communicate in new ways, laughing, and being challenged in ways that stretched us for the better. I think we all grew and we came to a spot together where we are even stronger as a team, than we were before.

I can honestly say that I just love the gals that I serve with. All of them are unique and they all bring different strengths to our group. Truly, I think they are all fantastic and I could go on and on, gushing over each and every one of them. The thing that strikes me the most is that each lady has her own set of gifts, given specifically to her by God and on that same note, each lady was brought into our group in a different way, to serve with a different purpose. It's cool, I tell ya. These ladies are great and I'm so glad to be on a team with them.

So, we spent Friday night mostly bonding and  (of course!) eating and then all day Saturday, we planned. All I can say is that it's going to be a great year for our MOPS group. After the mini retreat I came home, helped with bedtime and then quickly dug through my clothes because I had a clothing exchange to go to. This clothing exchange that I'm referring to is really the neatest idea.

Some ladies in my area held the clothing exchange in their restaurant, after hours. Basically, about 35 ladies showed up with bags of clothes that were still in great condition, but they no longer needed or liked. Everyone had time to set their things out, and then when they said "GO!", all of these ladies went crazy, sorting through each others clothes, accessories and shoes. Wine and appetizers were available for purchase and the money from those sales went to the Susan G. Koman 3 day walk, that a few of the girls are preparing to do. The loud music set a fun atmosphere and it was a blast to visit with friends, have an excuse to clean out my closet and then also, be able to find some fun new things to bring home.

From the clothing exchange: blue rosette necklace, sassy red high heels and designer jeans. Fun idea for a ladies night out, huh???
This morning church was really good. The pastor spoke about how God has all authority over everything and how some of us like to "control" the things around us so much that we aren't letting go and giving our situations over to God. As a bit of a control freak, it was a good reminder that truly, God is in control over all of it and His ways are so much better than my own. I just need to move to the side and surrender to Him because His amazing way can't happen in my life when I'm trying to do things my own way.

After church, we headed out to the Highland Games. Heavy weights, bagpipes, sheep dogs and gigantic plates of curly was truly a Scottish party. Plus, my husband used to do the Highland Games Heavy Weights as a professional so, it was really neat to show our kids what Daddy used to do.

It's hard to stand still while watching bagpipers.....The boys busted a few pretty cute moves. 
 I'm not sure that curly fries are a traditional Scottish delicacy but in my book, they sure beat Haggis.
Even though our weekend was a flurry of activity, I don't regret one bit of it. Next week we have VBS and I'm also in the middle of planning my sister's baby shower. I really believe that party planning is only supposed to be fun and not stressful and I can honestly say that I'm so looking forward to celebrating her and her new baby! 

I never really know exactly who reads this little "diary" of mine but, I hope you've had a good weekend as well. I hope that you've had a great mix of family, friends, adventures and down time. 

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