Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday Favorites

Current favorite breakfast: Cottage cheese with avocado and tons of black pepper. Love, love, love it.
I admit, when I dress Paisley in the morning and pull her hair back into pigtails, I get a bit of a thrill each time. I've been fixing her hair for almost a year now so, you'd think that I'd be used to the cuteness but nope, I'm not. Each time, the pigtails are placed slightly higher and sometimes slightly lower but, every time, I think they're cuter than the time before. I'm so not over it. 
As I water the garden, the kids run effortlessly by me. They pretend that it's by mistake when they get wet but, we all know that they love how the cold water splashes onto their warm skin. 
Recently one of my favorite friends had a baby and today we spent the sunny morning over at her house. Snuggling this baby while the kids played in the pool was like pure bliss. Isn't she sweet? When I hold her, I start to get "the fever" and #3 sounds like a good idea. 

 Judah loved her too and wanted to hold her. 
This evening I was able to go out and do a bit of shopping by myself. Here are a few treasures that I found....
1. A Pink Ruffle Pillow for Paisley. Every night when I tuck her in, she says "pillow?? pillow??". Girlfriend needed a pillow and I think this one is just about as cute as they come. 

2. A pink floral and lace ruffled shirt for me. Ruffles and lace make me happy.

3.Gray and white patterened sheets for our bed. Alright so, "patterened" isn't a word but, you know what I mean. I'm in the process of slowly redecorating our bedroom. I'm going for gray, white and sea foam green so, these sheets are a step in that direction. 

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