Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cannon Beach Vacation Part 1

Vacation. It always feels so good to go and yet, so good to be back home, doesn't it? It was a little over a year ago when I blogged about one of my all time favorite vacation spots:  Cannon Beach, Oregon. I wrote about how I looked forward to the day when my husband and I would take our kids on a family vacation there. How I would touch Paisley's tiny toes into the waves, let our children really experience the ocean's sandy beaches and how we would build sandcastles as a family. Well, we finally made the trip!

We experienced the Oregon Coast fully and I've got sand in my car, a cherry colored forehead, goldfish crackers squished into car seats and a very happy heart, to prove it. Now that we're home and slightly settled back in, I'm so looking forward to sipping my tea and reflecting back on this family vacation.
 After we arrived at our hotel, we quickly got settled in and then, headed straight to the beach. The kids were super excited to get their toes in the sand and of course, so was I.

Paisley grabbed at the sand and then slowly let it sift through her fingers. It was like she wanted to keep holding onto it but, also to watch how it drifted away at the same time. 
 As we approached the water for the first time, Judah grabbed Paisley's hand. They normally don't get along well but, when it comes to looking out for his sister, Judah takes it seriously. 

After exploring the beach at Seaside, we went out for pizza and then we headed back to our room to get ready for bed. We were all tired from traveling and although I wasn't too nervous about the 4 of us sharing a room, I was a little unsure about the sleep that we would (or wouldn't) get.

Here's a great tip for traveling with young children and staying in a hotel room with them: Bring a sheet and use push pins to hang it between your bed and their playpen (or whatever their sleeping in). Obviously hang the sheet at the last minute so, no one pulls it down but seriously, if your kids aren't used to sleeping in the same room as you, this will really help!

We hung the sheet so, Paisley wouldn't be able to see us and want us to get her up and since both of the kids were so tired from a long day of traveling and playing, we all slept well!

First hotel experience as a family of four-----not bad at all!

The next morning we woke up to cloudy skies so, we decided to briefly drive through the town of Cannon Beach and then go explore the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

 I'd been to the Tillamook factory before but, it was seriously like at least 15 years ago and I forgot how totally cool this place is. 

 I loved their cheese before but, now I love it even more. This factory is clean, clean, clean and the employees were so nice! Who knew watching folks make cheese could be this fun?!
Two words: Squeeky Cheese. We like it, we love it, we want some more of it. 
 Tillamook totally catered to the kids and that was another thing that made it fun. In the bathrooms, they had hand driers that were down low, and outside they had this fun (and free!) fishing game with prizes. It's the little things like this that make a place memorable. 
 On the way back from Tillamook we hiked down to a beach called Oswald West. Apparently, it's a really popular beach for surfers. Walking through the woods with the kids was super fun. Judah was such a trooper, as the walk was almost a mile each way and I enjoyed having Paisley on my back. I haven't used my Ergo in a long time and I forgot how fun it can be to carry her.

 Later in the evening, we visited the Carousel Mall in Seaside. Riding on the carousel was a first for both of the kids and they loved it. I look totally ridiculous in this picture but, it pretty much captures the moment perfectly. I was ridiculously excited. It was really special to be there with them. 

After the carousel mall and some window shopping, we headed to dinner and then back to get some rest. 
Tomorrow I'll write about our day playing on Cannon Beach, visiting Rockaway and about the train ride that we took in Rockaway.


  1. I love going to the beach! Seaside is super fun, and the cheese factory is always a hit with my kids! We <3 Squeaky cheese too :)

  2. Your vacation looks super fun and makes me wish we had a summer vacation planned this year!

  3. Awww! It looks like yall had alot of fun Angela! Your babes sure love the beach :)

  4. We were over that way a couple of weeks ago. Love the cheese factory!


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