Saturday, August 4, 2012

An Anniversary Date, An iPhone and A Parade

It's Saturday night and unusually warm for our area. I'm not complaining though! My garden absolutely loves this heat and we spent the evening outside, playing in the little pool and then having dinner in our yard. Dinner outside is my favorite. The mess is hardly there and it seems like a party, even if we're just having sandwiches.

The last few days have been full of wonderful celebrations. Yesterday my husband took the day off of work so, we could spend the day together, celebrating our anniversary. He planned a special day for us and it was a total surprise.
 Our day consisted of first going and picking up delicious deli sandwiches. Next, he drove us to the place where we got engaged and we had our picnic lunch.
 After lunch, we stretched out on the beach and it was so relaxing that I almost feel asleep. Normally when we go to the beach, we're both busy keeping track of our kids so, this was extra nice.

After the beach, we went and did a little shopping. I've been wanting a new phone for awhile. My Razzle (Seriously, that's what it was called. So dorky, right??) was sooooo outdated and I've had my eye on an iPhone for awhile. We shopped around at a few stores and finally found a great deal.

In just about 24 hours, I've already become a huge Instagram junkie and of course, I love Twitter. What can I say....I guess I just love social media in general. So, if you're on Twitter or Instagram, look me up! I'd love to follow you! My Instagram ID is: AngelasAdventures.

After shopping, we headed to dinner and I had the best thing that I've had in so long......Portobello Mushroom  Quesidillas. Basically, it's a tortilla filled with spinach, cheese and mushrooms and then topped with Pico De Gallo and avocado. Ridiculously good. Make one at home. Right now. You'll be glad you did.
After dinner, we went for a walk together and ended up at a middle school track. We walked around the track and then challenged each other to see how quickly the other person could run around the entire track. First my husband ran it, while I timed him. Next it was my turn. I had flip flops on so, I kicked those off and ran while he cheered me on, with the stop watch in hand. I didn't get any pictures of this part of our date but, I think it might be my favorite. It was so spontaneous and a little competition is always fun.

Today we went to our town's parade. It's a great parade with a ton of stuff to see. The kids had fun but, they were on the grumpy side today, for some unknown reason. So, I can't say that the parade was 100% fun because 1/2 the time I was dealing with a fussy child. However, when no one was complaining or crying, we did have fun and going to the parade is definitely a tradition of ours.

 Judah and Paisley got a ton of candy and a nice lady gave Paisley this beach ball. She loves it.
Now, I'm off to go watch the season premier of The Pioneer Woman's show. 
What has your weekend been filled with?


  1. You live somewhere GORGEOUS! Holy Midwestern-ers have to hop a plane to see that beauty! Happy Anniversary to you and what a lovely way to spend it with the one you love! We just had a fiesta night with good friends that ended with eight kids watching a movie snuggled in a tent in the backyard :)

    1. Yes, I is beautiful around here! I never take it for granted! Sounds like a wonderful night with friends. How fun for the kids to be able to watch a movie together in a tent!

  2. Angela, you are so beautiful!!! It's so neat you guys went to the place where you got engaged for your anniversary, how special. I love you and your family!

    1. Awww, thanks sister! We LOVE you guys too!

  3. I've been saving the email with the link to this post and finally got around to reading it! What a lovely anniversary adventure! You look great in the pics and looks like it was the perfect weather for your date!


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