Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grandma Dottie's Ring

This morning, as I was getting dressed and ready to go to a play date, I thumbed through my jewelry box, in search of something that would make my "mom" outfit, slightly less mom'ish. The jeans and t-shirt that I had on seemed to scream "stay at home mom", "gets a shower, if she plans well" and "look at that tummy, is that girl pregnant or does she need to lay off the carbs?" As I picked through my jewelry box, I came across Grandma Dottie's ring. She's been gone for a little over 2 years now but, the legacy that she left is just as big as her personality was.
Grandma Dottie lived enthusiastically. She loved passionately and she lived life with purpose and excitement. As a former model, she loved all things fashion. She also loved cars, particularly red convertibles. She listened to music loudly and she danced without a care.

When I was a teenager, she would try and hold my hand when we went into the store. It wasn't that she thought I needed to have my hand held, it was because she loved me and she wanted to be close to me. Often I would drive down to see her and we'd have car washing parties together. Afterwards, she would offer me an ice cold Diet Coke and she always served it in a cup with ice, because drinking from a cup is far more sophisticated than drinking from a can. 

When Judah was born, she insisted that he has her chin and her hair. She loved him with every ounce in her body and although she never met Paisley, I know that they would have the best time together. She and Paisley would most likely be out tearing up the malls together. I'd have to watch her with the boys because I'm sure she'd try to sneak by me and let them test drive her red convertible. 

Today, I slipped on her ring and I haven't taken it off since. When Paisley woke up this morning, I showed her the ring and told her it was Great Grandma Dottie's. All morning, she pointed at my finger and said "Grandma Dottie's!!!", over and over again. Hearing her Great Grandma's name said with such love has brought me a lot of joy today.

I miss my Grandma but, what hurts the most is that I wish I could tell her what a wonderful legacy she left and how a day doesn't go by without us thinking about her. I wish I could tell her how every time I go outside, a white butterfly floats by and it makes me think of her. I wish she knew how fun and incredible Judah and Paisley are and I wish she could play with them. I wish I could spontaneously call her and share funny things that they say or tell her about the amazing deal on boots that I just scored. 

She was always just a phone call away and no matter what "it" was, she always "got it". She showed me that it's important to dream big, that you'll succeed if you follow your bliss, and that life can be so beautiful. 


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