Sunday, August 12, 2012

Here I Grow: Week 7

Can I be honest? I've been planning on writing this post and I've been excited to share about how this pregnancy is going. But then, I came home and found out that a MOPS friend of mine lost her husband this weekend. He passed away in a car accident and my heart is now totally aching for her. So, can you please stop whatever it is that you're doing and pray for her? Thank you. Now, onto Week 7.
How I'm feeling: I'm sick! I wake up in the morning and feel nauseous and then nausea continues off and on throughout the day. I've only thrown up once but, I have a feeling that I'll be doing more of that. For me, a typical first trimester is feeling nauseous and normally, it goes away around 14 weeks. I've also been really tired off and on but, over all, I've been surprised with the amount of energy that I still have. I feel like I'm still totally able to function just fine. Going for walks, being outside and staying active seems to help.

Weight Gain/Loss: 0 pounds so far.

What I'm wearing: I'm still wearing my normal clothes. By the end of the day, if I sit down, my pants sometimes feel too tight so, pushing them down or unbuttoning the top button helps. I hope to stay in my regular clothes for quiet awhile longer, even if I have to push my pants down low. I feel like all of my old maternity clothes are borderline hideous. For the fall, I want to find some bright colored leggings, some long sweaters and some cute boots. I'd rather not ever wear my old maternity clothes again.

What I'm eating/craving: So far, cottage cheese has been the thing that always sounds yummy. I put avocado in it sometimes with tons of black pepper and it's like the best thing ever. Also, I love wraps with cheese, cream cheese, avocado, pickle, onion, tomato and lettuce. They are like amazing. Oh and BLT' them. My stomach is starting to growl just from writing about this stuff.

How I'm sleeping: Good, except I'm already getting up once a night to pee. It's no biggie though because I go right back to sleep. I've also been having some real crazy pregnancy dreams. 

Emotions/Thoughts/Feelings: Still feeling anxious to have our first ultrasound and be out of the first trimester. I've had way more fear this pregnancy than I've had in the past and that hasn't been fun. The sickness has been reassuring though, as strange as that may sound.

Even though I've felt more anxiety, I'm also full of excitement and we're all so happy.


  1. Found you on MckMama's blog. Congrats on your blessing!

  2. love hearing your pregnancy play by play! fun!

  3. oh, and you look really cute! :)

  4. You are precious in so many way!


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