Sunday, August 19, 2012

Here I Grow: Week 8 and Snippets of our Weekend

How I'm feeling: This week has by far been the worst in regards to morning sickness. I don't remember being this sick with either of my older kids.....Maybe I was and I just don't remember it or maybe this really is the worst that I've been sick. Either way, it hasn't been fun, especially because I have the two older ones to try and keep up with. I try to keep positive and remember that this will pass but, when nausea even wakes me up during the middle of the night, I get really frustrated with it. Besides having all-day nausea, I'm feeling well! Ha! I have pretty good energy and I'm thankful for that. 

Weight Gain/Loss: Despite being sick, I went up 2lb this week. To be honest, I hate seeing the scale move....especially because I just recently lost all my weight (plus a little!) from my first two babies.

What I'm wearing: Still in regular clothes and like I said last week, I hope to stay in these for awhile. I'm so not ready to break out the maternity clothes yet. I'll be walking around with my pants unbuttoned before I do that!

What I'm eating/craving: Pretty much everything under the sun sounds gross right now but, I know that will change. Even Facebook or Pinterest can nauseate me with the pictures of food. However, I did have a really yummy bowl of Cheerios earlier.

How I'm sleeping: I'm sleeping well. Last night I did wake up from being so nauseous but, that hasn't been happening a lot.
Emotions/Thoughts/Feelings: This week was extra fun because I had my first midwife appointment. I ran into an old friend who happens to be a medical assistant at her office now and that was an extra bonus. Pretty soon we'll have our first ultrasound and that'll be super exciting.
Snippets of Our Weekend
First, I just want to say thank you to those of you who shared your opinions with me, regarding "Is Blogging Safe?". Reading your comments has helped me sort our my own thoughts on this matter. You all are so smart and I love hearing what you think!

Basically, I've come to the conclusion that nothing is ever really 100% safe but, you can do all things with caution and try to use your best judgement. Everyone has a different comfort level so, I think that there isn't one way that's best, when it comes to how much or how little you share. On my blog, I share what I'm comfortable with and as time goes on, what I'm comfortable with might change. So, the bottom line is that what works for one person, won't necessarily work for everyone. Write with caution, remember that anyone can read it and do what works for you and your family, while respecting other people's privacy.

Our weekend has been a bit different. My husband attended a Men's Retreat that had him gone all weekend so, basically I was a single parent. I tried to make the most of it though and the kids and I survived just fine. I figure that if he's going to be gone, a Men's Retreat with our church is a darn good reason to not be here.

To make the weekend seem special for the kids, I took them out to get a little treat after dinner one night. 
They were so good and we had so much fun!

We also had a nice visit with my sister and her family. I got to snuggle that new precious baby and the kids had fun playing. Later, the kids and I laid on the couch together and watched The Pioneer Woman. On her show, she made wraps for her girls and Judah thought they looked amazing. He asked me to make them for dinner and I was amazed and how they both gobbled these up....veggies and all! My kids are not raw vegetable eaters so, seeing them eat uncooked bell peppers and carrots totally made my night. We will be making these again, for sure!

I feel like just recently we've started to turn a corner with the way that J&P treat each other. Now that Paisley talks more, they're able to communicate better and they've really been playing together so much better. It makes my heart so happy when they're actually getting along!
(I know this is a horrible, blurry picture but, I like it because they were having "book reading" time together and I was spying on them with my camera).

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  1. I remember the beautiful moment between each of my kids when they started to be playmates. It's lovely. Such a delight to see their interactions, PLUS it enabled me more interrupted moments, whether for doing laundry and making beds or dinner (or for making time for my own thoughts)! Love that time is coming for you, at least until baby #3 :)


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