Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Homemade Fruit Leather, A New Nephew and Life Lately

Lately, our life has been full of sweet babies, new writing opportunities and of course, the constant stream of to-dos at home. Last Monday was my first guest post on "Or So She Says.....!". I'm the new Kid Craft & Food contributor and I'm really excited about this new opportunity to write and share some of my ideas. You all know that I love to write and I feel like contributing kid-friendly activities and recipes is going to be a great fit for me.

So, if you're interested in learning how to make Homemade Fruit Leather, go check out my first post!
A few nights ago, my sister gave birth to the most perfect baby. He's a chunky monkey, weighing in at 9lb 8oz and she had him totally naturally, in just 2 hours. When it comes to making perfect babies and making birth look easy, my sister is a pro. 

She and I have supported each other for the deliveries of each of one of our kids and really, there's hardly anything that compares to being there when a new life is born. I always tell my husband that someday when I "grow up", I'm either going to be a doula or a maternity nurse. Heck, maybe I'll go to school forever and become a midwife. I just love all things birth and baby. 
Isn't he perfect?
Besides welcoming this precious new guy and trying to keep up with normal daily stuff, I've been increasing sick in the mornings. Today I hit my alarm and it was a mistake to sleep in late. Normally I'm up before the kids and I have a few minutes to read my Bible before the flurry of activity starts. 

Today, Judah was way ahead of me. When I pulled myself out of bed, he had already taken himself potty and picked out his clothes for the day. Some days I feel like everyone is moving faster than I am and that I can hardly keep up. I look around me and feel like everyone is able to manage better than I am, to juggle more than I do and that I'm just a few steps behind the rest of the world.

So, instead of being frustrated with myself, I'm choosing to slow down, not expect perfection of myself and to focus on the things that matter. Little things like fresh flowers on my table and candles that smell like lemon are making my home feel pretty. Judah looks at me and tells me that he wants me to be a "Smiley Mommy" and that in itself makes me smile. Today we've played outside a lot, even when I feel torn between the laundry that needs to be folded and kids that need to be pushed on the swings. 

So, that's our life lately. What has your's been like? 


  1. I feel behind when the kids wake up before me too.
    You're sister is a rock star with such an awesome delivery! What a blessing Baby O. is!

    1. Yes, I agree...He is such a blessing! Hope you had a wonderful day today! Missed you at the spray park!

  2. And congratulations on the writing opportunity. That's awesome!


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