Friday, August 17, 2012

Is blogging safe? I'm ready for fall and other thoughts.

For a few years now, I've felt that for me, writers block would be impossible. I mean, how could I not know what to write? By nature, I always have something to say and my mind is usually going a 100 miles a minute. I say things that I shouldn't, I write things that maybe should be kept to myself and I ponder life and question things more than a lot of people do. When I've heard of people having a hard time writing, I haven't understood.......until recently.

For the last week or so, I feel like I've been totally second guessing myself about everything but, specifically writing. I question if blogging is "safe" and then I question how other people write even more transparently than I do and how they aren't worried about people stalking them, or endangering their families. I know, I'm bringing up scary stuff here but, this is real and this is what's been streaming through my mind.

I'm praying on this and trying to figure it out for myself. I know that one size doesn't fit all but, I'd really love to know what your thoughts are on blogging and if you think it's safe. Maybe send me an email or just post a comment with your thoughts. I feel like a lot of bloggers talk about their home town, they Tweet that they're going to WalMart and they even say the name of what church they go to. I never mention any of those things but, even with the amount of privacy that I try to keep, I'm still struggling with this a bit.

On a much lighter note, I need to mention that I'm getting so excited for fall! Yes, we are still in August and the temperatures are hotter than they've been in a long time but, I'm already dreaming of all things pumpkin spice, cinnamon candles, boots, scarves, leaves and pumpkins. Yesterday I bought a fresh container of Pumpkin Pie Spice and I intend on using every last bit of it.
Over on Dashing Dish, I found this recipe for Pumpkin Pie Granola. Doesn't it look amazing?
This morning I sat down to check my email while I drank my one cup of coffee that I'm allowing myself. As I thumbed through the days updates, I saw a great deal for some fall dresses. I ordered two, for $20 total and even though they aren't maternity, I'm sure that they'll work just great with leggings and boots. Aw, I can't wait. It's the little things like dresses and leggings that get me excited.


The last few mornings we've had a great time playing outside with friends. Yesterday we went to a splash park with our MOPS friends. I think I enjoyed the water just as much as they did. Staying cool helps so much with nausea.

Today we met some friends at the lake. We played in the water and it was great except my little sunshine girl wasn't too happy. She isn't used to wearing a life jacket and I think it was cramping her style a bit. All it did was show me that we need to go to the lake more often and get her used to wearing a life jacket and playing in the water. You'd think that I would have taken pictures but, I didn't take a single one. I'm telling you, my game is slightly off lately, I've even been slacking on picture taking!
Yesterday I had my first appointment with my midwife. I simply love her. Being in her office again brought back such happy memories and it made me even more excited about this baby. With the nausea that I've been having, I've been a bit  lot more emotional and sometimes frustrated with myself. Last night I had a good cry because I was so tired of feeling sick. Then I cried even more because I was frustrated with myself for crying. I was mad at myself for not loving every second, like I want to. I ended up just going to bed and today has been much better.

So please, share with me your thoughts on the safety of blogging and then tell me what you most love about fall. Summer is great too, but one of the most beautiful times of year is just around the corner and I'm so ready.


  1. Eric does not want pictures of him connected to our children in any can imagine the reasons.

    That being said....I think blogging is pretty safe.

    There is always a risk when you post your kids pictures with their names and when/where you will be....the same rules apply for Facebook.

    Just be careful. Be thoughtful.

    Great topic!

    FALL is definately my favorite season. Love all things back to school, the colors in the leaves, and wearing layers of clothes. Can't wait to sip on a chai tea latte and watch football!

    1. Love hearing your thoughts....especially because I know you are cautious like I am. One of my latest pet peeves is when I get "tagged" on facebook by a friend. For example: "At Target with Angela." It's just nobody's business where I am, unless I post that I'm there. I usually don't post where I am until I'm DONE being there. Argh.....
      Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!

  2. Hey Angela, I'm pretty cautious too. I don't post pics or locations until I am back home. My dad raised me to be paranoid like that, lol.

    That said, I agree with Julie that blogging is pretty safe. I think it more depends on how ok you are with everyone knowing your inner thoughts, joys and struggles. I'm always worried about people judging me, which I don't think is a good thing. People really benefit from your transparency. When we worry about what other people think (not in the empathetic way, but in the paranoid way), it shows that we value their opinion over God's.

    I think you are wise in not telling where you live or what school your kids go to. Plus, if you change your mind about a post, you can always take it off your blog, right?

  3. Exactly....posts can always be deleted. I guess I haven't worried too much about people judging me because I've started to care less and less about what people think. I'd so much rather show that I'm human and who God really created me to be. Plus, I don't do "fake" well and I love when I get to know the real side of other people.

    I love how everyone is different and has unique gifts, struggles and talents. Part of writing is celebrating who WE are and not trying to be like anyone else.

    And on that "tagging" thing.....I think I'll just start tagging myself and everyone I'm with, wherever I go. "Angela is at Safeway, Angela is at the mall, Angela is eating breakfast, Angela is thinking about doing something." Just kidding!!!! :)

  4. I don't name my church or our hometown or schools on my blog. I did go on a vacation to hawaii and shared pics the whole time because i knew everyone in the world would be sharing pics telling that I was there whether I liked it or not. (this has happened before when I tried not to share that I was gone.) I had a house sitter, so it made me feel a tiny bit better, but yeah, i understand. I try to post only modest pics of any family members on my blog and always get permission to post pics of people. It's really hard to know what level of trust to have when you know there are so many sketchy people that exist, whether we like it or not. I struggle with the same things. I'm interested in hearing what you learn.

  5. Great topic. I rarely put pictures with faces especially of my kids. I don't think I've ever posted a pic of any of my grandkids, b/c their parents have asked me not to. I totally get that. I also try not to identify where exactly in Canada I live, but I'm not sure I've had a ton of success masking that. As far as sharing your thoughts/feelings etc. I say go for it. As an older woman it brings me delight to read how our younger woman are processing and living their lives with God. It's not all peaches and cream - I appreciate how you can be real about the journey. It's also a privilege to share the highlights of your lives.
    Blessings to you and your friends.

  6. I definitely have moments where I feel that I put too much information out there. I feel that because I started my blog in order to communicate our lives with family across the world, it's really hard to not put the details. It never occurred to me when I started that strangers would find it, and if they did I never guessed that they would read it. It still feels strange every time a stranger, a student, or even a fellow teacher says that they've found my blog, but it still seems to be working for us. I'll will keep it as it is until it becomes a problem, I guess!


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