Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ordinary Days

Our days have seemed slightly on the ordinary side lately. Part of me feels like there isn't much to document but, then I think about it closely and I realize that even the ordinary days are super sweet. They are most certainly worth writing down and I remind myself that I share my story not because I think it's more interesting than anyone else's but, because I feel like everyone has a story worth sharing and this is how I preserve my memories. 
Often I wake up and have my quiet time before the kids are awake. I've started going through Proverbs with #SheReadsTruth and I'm totally loving it. Proverbs is jam-packed full of good stuff! After the kids wake up, sometimes my stomach sinks a little and I feel like "here we go again....another day, more laundry, more messes.....more of the same old, same old". Do you ever feel that way? Like it's just another day, home with your small children, doing the same old stuff? 

Here's the thing, these ordinary days are precious and even when I feel like I'm going to pull my hair out, every bone in my body wants to enjoy them to the fullest. Someday my kids will be grown and even though they drive me crazy at times, I so desperately want to remember these years with fond memories.
{Lemon water, my drink of choice for battling morning sickness} 
 Today the kids and I ran some errands. Ordinary stuff like going to the grocery store and also swinging by the post office. Thank goodness we didn't have to actually go into the post office. Shouldn't that place get an award for being one of the 'Top Ten Least Kid-Friendly Spots'???
 Afterwards we had a great time at the playground. After the kids played for awhile, we found a nice area under a big tree and spread out our blanket. Bakers Breakfast cookies, bananas, blue berries, homemade fruit leather and chocolate milk-it was the lunch of champions. I'm pretty much certain that I should own stock in Baker's Cookies. These are like my all time favorite food and pregnancy just magnifies my love for them.
 Our big picnic tree.

 I really enjoyed these guys this morning. They were so good during our picnic. I told Paisley that she needed to stay seated and she tested me a few times but overall, they both did so well. Most importantly, we all had a great time.
Right now I'm feeling thankful for my ordinary days. 
So, what have your days looked like lately? Do they feel exciting and fresh or maybe a little more mundane? 


  1. what a perfect post! lemon water was my morning sickness drink of choice also! hang in there!! :) Your children are precious and your perspective is right on!

  2. Love the first photo of the kids in the cupboard. Daniel used to love to climb into a cupboard. By the way, I agree, ordinary days are precious.


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