Sunday, August 5, 2012

Our Sunday and Promote What YOU Love Sunday with a Link Up

Our Sunday has been fun and busy. We had church this morning and the sermon was so good. The pastor spoke right out of 1 Peter 1:13-16 and it was inspiring! After church, we came home for the kids to nap and my sweet hubby cleaned and washed my car. I just love a clean car, it's one of those little things that makes me very happy. But, don't think it's always clean because usually, it represents my precious little mess makers.

After naps, we headed back to the fair to pick up Judah's ribbons and his prize money. It was 90 degrees outside but, actually more comfortable at the fair than at home so, we ended up having dinner there.

Last week, I posted Promote What You Love Sunday with a link up. I know there are 1000+ link ups out there and so, I'm not committed to doing one. However, I am giving it a try because I truly am interested in seeing what you all are loving right now and what's making you smile. If I do decide to continue with this link up, my goal is for it to be so much more than a place to share your latest crafts and recipes. I want to see more depth than that.....I want to see what YOU'RE loving right now, what's making you smile and what's helping you live fuller and more joyfully.

So, what am I loving right now??????? I'm loving that #SheReadsTruth is starting a new plan tomorrow and I'm going to join in for the first time.  Tomorrow we'll start reading through Proverbs together and I'm excited. I need to get into the Word more and hopefully this will be a great motivator!
Right now I'm also loving the post that Theresa linked up last week. She wrote about how "nice matters" and her post was so well written and inspiring.
Also, I'm loving the Olympics party that Katie linked up. We love the Olympics and I think having an Olympics party is a super fun idea. 
So, what are you loving right now? What's making you smile? Link up your recipes, crafts, organizational ideas, posts on living intentionally or anything else that you love. 


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